Securus Aids Law Enforcement To Obtain Search Warrants With New Software

Our criminal justice system is structured by the Constitution and the specifically the bill of rights. The founding fathers felt persecuted by the British government in the days of the old colonies. They specifically wrote the Constitution in response to the unfair treatment they received at the hands of the British. This includes the idea that anyone suspected of the crime is innocent until proven guilty. It also protects citizens from unwarranted search and seizure. These are protections that you are not afforded in many other countries around the world.


These protections can sometimes make it difficult for law enforcement to prevent crimes. A law enforcement officer may know that a crime will be committed but lacks the evidence or the cause to stop crying. Obtaining search warrants, for instance, requires that a law enforcement officer has a reasonable belief that a person will commit a crime.


Securus Technologies has been helping law enforcement secure more search warrants through a software innovation. It may seem simple, but this software allows law enforcement officers to search a massive treasure trove of digital information. The digital information is cold from every phone call made to a prison facility that the technology company services.


If a police officer suspects somebody of planning a crime, and that person communicates with somebody inside the prison, law enforcement can then approach Securus to obtain every single phone call that person has been involved with. Information in these recorded phone calls can be used to obtain search warrants in order to prevent crimes.


It is a wonderful thing that this telecommunications company does for law enforcement and for society as a whole. Instead of simply enjoying the profits of providing telecommunications services to a prison, Securus goes out of its way in order to make everyone safer.