Passion is Everything

It is a revolving world whereby women are independent and working hard just like the men. Today, we have women who are pilots and even surgeons, careers, and jobs that the society never thought women can handle. Jennifer Walden is exceptional woman who has her career going, she is a well-known plastic surgeon. She is now inclusive of the 24 best surgeons in the United States, this is thanks to the Harper’s Bazaar Magazine.

She has been practicing cosmetic plastic surgery for so many years in New York City. After a while, she moved to Manhattan to go on with her work. Later on, Dr.Walden decided to go back home in Austin to work hard on her career as a plastic surgeon and also spend time with her twins to know more: click here.

Luckily Jennifer is a board member of directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). Furthermore, she has also been seen in a number of media platforms. Her exceptional work as a plastic surgeon has landed her an award on surgery. Other than being a surgeon Jennifer Walden is also an author and an incredible mother to her twins.

She is a unique woman who has always been devoted to what she does and that is ensuring that her patients come out of Plastic surgery looking amazing. Dr.Walden graduated from the University of Texas, Austin with a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine. She had the passion for being a plastic surgeon because of ingenuity and the outcome.

Since Jennifer Walden decided to move back home, this would mean that she had to start from scratch. Her being hardworking did not take much time to get everything in order. She also had support from her siblings and mother to settle down. She has managed to have a comfortable operating room due to her skills. If by any chance one of her patients needs to be admitted to hospital. Dr.Jennifer Walden Reviews has Westlake Medical Center to assist her.