Career and Academic Milestones of the Seasoned Finance Expert, Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a leading financial specialist based in San Diego, California. In 2010 Brian walked away with the top prize as the Executive of the Year in Cambridge’s Who’s Who Annual awards event. Brian has a towering portfolio touching on many diverse sectors of the economy.

What else would you expect from an investor and business leader who possesses thirty years plus experience in the financial world? The crown jewels of Mr. Bonar’s vast empire are most certainly, Trucept Inc. and the Dalrada Financial Consortium.

Winning in a Down Market Starts with Dalrada

Thanks to the valuable but astonishingly affordable quality services offered at Dalrada, thousands, mostly more, of people have attained the highly elusive, financial security.

The perfectly timed counsel and advice provided by the professional risk analysts and seasoned speculators working at the hedge-fund investment firm has witnessed clients making double-digit gains in this particularly hard and turbulent economic era we are living in today.

Career and Academic Highlights

  • 1992 to Early 1994- the financial wizard well on course to completing his Master’s Program over at Stafford University in the United Kingdom.
  • April 1994- Bonar gets promoted to head up the Sales & Marketing Department at Dalrada
  • 1995-1997- Brian rose further up the ranks to become the Director of Dalrada
  • 1998- Present- the highly accomplished financial consultant got appointed as the company’s CEO and Board Chairman.

Other Companies

Asides, Daldar, Bonar, serves at the top management levels at various other mid-to-large scale companies like Amanda Co. Inc, Benzier Systems, Adaptech Inc, Rastek and the Greenland Corp.

According to Bloomberg, the fact that companies spread out all over the globe all seem to trust their growth in the able hands of the seasoned analyst, Brian Bonar, goes to demonstrate his genius and experience.

Above 30 Years’ Experience

Bonar studied for a Mechanical Engineering Degree Course at the James Watt Technical College in the heartlands of his native, Scotland.

According to the information shared on his recently updated page, his core specializations are in the following subjects: Marketing, raising capital, pitching potential angel investors, arranging mergers and overseeing acquisitions, compliance handling, tax and tax returns processing, due diligence, supply and distribution streamlining and general business consultation.

Social Media Connect

All that advice provided by the Dalrada Group pros is going to do an impressive job in ensuring you as a client, get to start off your startup venture on the right note and footing and proceed without any legal and or otherwise impediments along the way to success.

That’s exactly what Brian Bonar has in store for you when you sign up for his services and products. Alternatively, you can still be able to keep in touch with the respected financial maestro by following him on his different social media accounts.

For instance, check out his Instagram account and you’ll love all the personal pictures he’s posted there with him and the family on vacations having a fantastic time.