Bruno Fagali Brazil’s Trusted Legal Expert

Law is one of the most important functions of the society. Lawyers come in handy in the interpretation of the constitution, the most important document in the land. However, it is important to state that with the influx of lawyers in the economy today, not everybody with a lawyer nametag is qualified to handle your cases. Fortunate enough, Brazilians and corporates in particular are a lucky lot thanks to the services of Bruno Fagali.

Bruno Fagali is a young upcoming lawyer with a strong reputation in Compliance, administrative law, regulatory law, ethics and urban law. Currently, Bruno practices law around Sao Paulo and he is famously known for his association with his Fagali law firm based in Sao Paulo. Through his law firm, Bruno Fagali has been able to redefine the law landscape by focusing his practice on anti-corruption, compliance and law elections.

Mr. Fagali is well educated in matters law. He holds a law degree from Pontifical Catholic University in Sao Paulo. He later advanced his career with a master’s degree in law with a specialty in pubic and administrative law from the University of Sao Paulo. In addition to his educational qualifications, Bruno Fagali law expertise can also be attributed to his involvement with different organizations such as the Brazilian Society of Public Law and the Institute of Administrative Law Paulista.

Like any other seasoned lawyer, Bruno Fagali prides himself in the accomplishments he has done for the industry. Notably his greatest achievement is his associate position in the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. Mr. Bruno earned this post thanks to his passion and immaculate analytical skills.

Bruno Fagali is quite a resource when it comes to the law practice in Brazil. In addition to his expertise in the law industry Mr. Bruno brings diversity in the organization thanks to his fluency in fur dialects; Portuguese, English, Spanish and French. Make the right decision by hiring his services today.

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Sujit Choudhry’s is the head of comparative constitutional development and constitutional law. He has done much with the constitution like solving political crisis, ethnicity and tribalism Currently he is back to school to learn constitution designs on how democratic rule can be achieved and do away with the authoritative one. Sujit wears many hats such as working at the World Bank Institute as a consultant, he is a member of the United Nations Mediator, has been a foreign constitution expert in Jordan, Egypt and Libya. Also he was involved in the Tontoro Advisory Panel in Canada, which entailed making reforms of municipal government. The South Asian Bar Association named him the best Practitioner of the year.  Check also this related link.



Apart from being in different panels he has taken part in editing books of the constitutional making and constitution law. He has a role in the International Society of Public Law, Sujit Choudhry attained his law degree from Toronto and Harvard. He served in the Supreme Court of Canada as a law clerk for Chief Justice Justice Lamer Antonio. He received the Macarthur awards in and the Trudeau Fellowship in 2010. Moreover, he is the Director of Constitutional Transitional Center which gives knowledge about the constitution. He has sat as on the board of Legal Aid Ontario which is the largest legal assistance across the world. He has published over ninety articles, book chapters, working papers and reports.  Source



Comparative law refers to a study of legal system in different countries in the world. This law is inclusive of civil law, common law, socialist law, Jewish law, canon law, Hindu law and Chinese law .Comparative law is of importance in that it has helped the countries to interact with each other leading to social and economic growth.  Sujit Choudhry hopes that through comparative law, the world will be able to achieve peaceful politics as opposed to politics characterized by violence.

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