Capital Group CEO Dissects Problem With Warren Buffet’s Charity Wager

The multi billionaire and celebrated business magnate, Warren Buffett, in 2008, made a bet with the members of the sizable asset management and advisory firm, Protege Partners, that he could make more money on a single investment than all of their hedge fund sages combined – Protege gladly accepted with both respective parties agreeing that all proceeds would go to charity.

Buffet placed his bet on a standard passive index fund, the S & P 500, whilst Protege Partners took their own investment strategy for the game in a wide array of different directions. Now, eight years later, it looks as if Mr. Warren Buffett backed the right horse, as he has made considerably more than Protege, and if the trend continues there is little chance for them to catch up to the business moguls gains.

Despite the praise that has been heaped upon the charity venture in the press one lone man cautions prospective investors against employing a similar strategy – that man is none other than Timothy Armour, a notable investor and businessman in his own right and the current head of research, chairman and CEO of the prominent financial firm, Capital Group.

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Where Mr. Armour breaks with Buffett is upon the protection provided by passive index funds. He notes that while it is true that they can be a valuable way to craft a portfolio over-reliance upon them can lead to a wide variety of complications down the road. The main reason for this, according to Armour, is that passive index funds give those who utilize them ZERO protection from down markets. America is currently in a bull market and this is definitely a contributing factor to Mr. Buffett’s recent gains (alongside his considerable experience) but there is one sure thing in the world of investment – bull markets always turn.

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Investment Expert Jeffry Schneider

The Founder of Ascendant Capital LLC, Jeffry Schneider has been an influential member of the investing and financial world for years. AS the leader of Ascendant Capital, he is responsible for an innovative approach with putting together finances. He has helped lead Ascendant Capital to incredible levels of success. Schneider’s ultimate mission is to be the trusted aid to those in the financial world.


As the leader of Ascendant Capital, Schneider manages a large group of experienced professionals. He has helped to grow the company to a large number of employees during his time in charge. His team is responsible for raising nearly $1 billion. Currently this company works with more than 250 investment advisors, and numerous family offices. Schneider brings more than two decades of financial services experience along with experience working private pension funds into his current business.


Jeffry Schneider has a unique philosophy that he brings to his company. He has a firm believe in alternative investments. He is a advocate of diversification and alternative investments are a great way to do this. Furthermore Schneider is convinced that this particular area will continue to grow in the years to come. Along with this unique way of thinking, Schneider has managed to create a willing culture at Capital. The environment encourages open communication along with lots of trust between team members. Schneider believes in transparency and this trait has helped to create a sense of team at Ascendant Capital.


Jeffry Schneider has had success in other companies and ventures outside of Ascendant Capital. Before working with Capital, Schneider worked with major companies like Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors. He has also worked with major names like Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney. His decades of experience were preceded by his education at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where he earned his degree.


Outside of the business world Schneider holds interests in a number of areas. He is very into healthy eating and fitness. His interest in this area has led to participation in marathons and even an iron man competition. His impact has been widespread and should continue to be felt for years to come.