Thor Halvorssen Fights for Economic Justice

All great human rights leaders were focused on economic issues. In fact, many human rights abuses take place on the economic level. Take the dictator of Angola, for instance. Angola is rich in natural resources and the dictator is hard at work exploiting that fact. He uses the military to bully his people for cheap labor in order to sell off those resources. In the end, he is stealing from his people, forcing them into poverty and abusing their human rights economically.

Most people may not remember, but Martin Luther King Jr was very focused on economic issues. The famous human rights activist marched for labor movements while he was fighting for African American civil rights. Ghandi’s revolt was economic. He urged his people to get their salt from the ocean rather than buy it from the British in a fight against unfair taxes.

This focus on economic issues is what makes the world’s new human rights rockstar so interesting. The 40-year-old Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. He uses his foundation, along with the power the the internet, to fight for economic justice.

He began his economic fight back in 1999 before the creation of the Human Rights Foundation. The human right activist stormed the building of Lucent Technologies. Lucent Technologies was famous for abusing human rights at the time. Their products were being made by slave labor in China. At the time, they were no better than the dictator of Angola.

The sit=in aimed to force the company to avoid slave labor. The company agreed. All products being made for Lucent in China would now be certified as “slave labor free” by an independent third party click here.

And don’t think Thor forgot about the unilateral dictator of Angola. His resume, In a fight for economic justice for the people of Angola, Thor penned an open letter to Nikki Minaj. The pop star was to play a private concert. She’d reap the benefits of Angola’s slave labor. Thor penned the viral letter to educate the world about the horrible economic abuses taking place in the far-off country.