Voluminous And Thicker Hair With WEN

Who could we trust more to go behind the scenes and investigate how well Wen hair works than a professional hair stylist? Emily McClure, professional stylist and beauty writer, decided to give WEN a week trial and let us know how it worked for her. We have all seen the promotional snippets on TV for WEN, but can they be trusted? Would Emily’s story give us a different perspective?

Emily snapped photos of her do every day to give us a good glimpse at how WEN was effecting her hair, along with a brief description of how she used the product and how her hair was feeling. Judging from pictures alone, the WEN totally transformed her hair by the end of the week leaving her with a mirror shine, glorious highlights in her color, and sealed healthy cuticles right down to the tips of her ends.

Emily noted that using WEN felt a bit different than using a normal shampoo. The amount of product used at once filled her hand rather than the typical drop of shampoo she was accustomed to using. One of the reasons why WEN works so well is because it doesn’t lather, but that was another aspect that took some getting used to for Emily. She also felt that her hair seemed thicker in her hands as she washed it, and for good reason. WEN leaves the hair’s natural oils intact while traditional shampoos strip it. The moisturized hair felt thicker in the shower because it was not being stripped. This effect of thicker feeling hair lasted when her hair dried. Emily’s hair looks very full at the roots and more voluminous than it did in the before photograph. Wen hair products can be purchased online on TotalBeauty.com and Sephora.com.

Check out the Wen hair care website: http://www.wenhaircare.com/