Fabletics Wins With Customer Appeal

The fashion world has evolved a great deal in recent years, as many consumers are now making the choice to shop online, rather than go the “old school” route of visiting a showroom in a mall or department store every time they want new clothes. Yes, trying on clothes in a showroom can be a worthwhile shopping experience, but the reality is that many people, especially women, want to save time in their busy schedules and try on clothes in the comfort of their own homes. All of this points to the reason behind the huge success of e-commerce fashion.


Today, the online fashion world is highly competitive, with amazon.com now taking 20 percent of the market. As more and more people enjoy the convenience of shopping online, they are asking for more from the companies they shop with. Customers today want unique qualities from a new brand, along with last mile service and great customer experiences. All of this means new brands have to work overtime to get new customers and keep them coming back. Can new brands break through in this very competitive atmosphere? Against all odds, the answer is yes.


Fabletics Makes a Difference


One of the companies that has found success in this heated market is Fabletics, the activewear brand co-founded by Kate Hudson and her partners. Just three years after its launch, the brand is now estimated to have a worth of $250 million, which is an incredible accomplishment for any type of startup company.


How did Fabletic break through in this intense market? Fabletics is having great success with its personalized service, via its VIP monthly subscription model, for one thing. This service offers customers a special monthly selection of affordably priced workout outfits curated by Hudson herself, in accordance with the customer’s stated workout preferences. These clothes also have the advantage of being incredibly versatile. They’re attractive enough and comfortable enough to double as casual wear after a workout is completed, so customers get a lot of wear out of these clothes.


Hudson’s Appeal


Along with offering quality clothing at affordable prices, Fabletics also has a great spokesperson in Kate Hudson. Hudson’s athletic, active image makes her the perfect representative for the brand, as she represents the lifestyle that the brand’s customers aspire to.


Great clothing at great prices, with a high level of customer service is a winning combination, and Fabletics is proving that these qualities equal success, even in a crowded marketplace.