Orange Coast College: One of the Best Schools in California

A public community College named Orange County College, was first established in 1947. Since then, the school first opened its classes to students all over the world.

OCC currently accommodates certificates of achievement, as well as stipulates two years of associate art units for those who want to complete a short course, and also allows students to have a division of lower classes that can be exchangeable with other universities and colleges. At present, the college registers a total of 24,000 students that are undergraduate.

When it comes to population, the college has been known to be the third prevalent amongst other schools around the Orange County area. The school is located 40 miles away from Los Angeles, in Mesa, California.

In January of 1947, the school was first formed after all of the indigenous supporters conceded a kind of ration in the elections to come up with a new college, that was supposed to be built in an owned 243 acre site, which would be eventually protected away from the Asset War Administration located in Washington. Read more: Orange Coast College | Niche

The First endorsed Board of District Executors employed the college’s district superintendent and founding president named Hyrum Basil Peterson, on the 28th of July in 1947. Soon after he was hired to take over operations, Basil Hyrum Peterson began construction of the facilities and campus classrooms, which was closely monitored by Frans Albers, who became the official head of construction in the year 1948.

Till this day, it still has a lot of competitive sports teams, active school clubs, and an involved Associated Student Body. Although the community campus is less interactive compared to a four-year institution, the school has been known to be one of the best commuter colleges, because it serves a lot of local people. Read more: Orange Coast Colleg | Facebook

Since it is a community college, dormitories are more expensive as compared to a normal university, but changes have been on going. The college wants to make everything enjoyable for its students, which is why it is the only community college with its own Starbucks.

As for its sports teams, the school has managed to have one of the best team of rowers. They have won many trophies over the years, and still aims to be a top performer of today. They have been featured on a lot of sporting events, and up to this day still competes.

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