ClassDojo: A personal experience

What sets ClassDojo apart from everything else? The answer lies in the simple yet truly effective platform embed into ClassDojo. The scene is set; its 7:45 a.m. and as students rush into their classrooms, their attention and focus is probably not where their teacher would like. How to redirect? In a ClassDojo classroom, students redirect themselves. In a ClassDojo classroom students are daily aware of their own expectations. But how? See this.  It’s simple; a point system…that really works! ClassDojo allows students to gain or loss points based on literally a limitless array of tasks. The secret to the ClasDojo point system is its personal nature. Click this set up ClassDojo, students are required to create a personal avatar. This avatar is unique to every student. This personal touch, as simple as it may seem, helps students own their behavior. It helps students earn and own every point. Students will not value what is not theirs. Based on, ClassDojo helps teachers not only give points, but in reality create a positive classroom climate. Without even knowing it, students are learning and daily repeating the classroom expectations set up by the teacher. So, in the daily ritual of a ClasDojo classroom, students enter the learning atmosphere in a completely different manner. As chaotic as a morning may start off in, students in a ClassDojo room are already aware of the classroom climate. These students are eager to earn, accomplish, and empower there own learning.

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Benefits Of Hiring Advertising Experts For Your Campaigns

For many years White Shark Media has been providing advertising services to businesses, particularly small and mid-sized businesses. White Shark Media has built and trained a team of dedicated professionals and caters to clients across the globe.

They are fully aware of just how important your advertising investment and results are to your bottom line. And they make it a top priority to ensure their clients’ complete satisfaction.  Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

Paid search marketing is the quickest and most controllable way to generate targeted traffic to your business and your offers. It enables you to quickly reach people who are looking for the products or services you are offering. Because you only pay when people click on your ad, it is easy to stay within the budget and also control return on investment for your ad campaign.

PPC management is not a task for the amateur and is an ongoing process. It involves setting up, maintaining and analyzing ad campaigns at various platforms such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads, to achieve outstanding results and a high ROI. These advertising platforms are highly complicated and requires proper guidance of professionals.

White Shark Media offers step by step training to get clients acquainted with the entire process of setting up a profitable ad campaign and how to manage their campaigns for optimal results. White Shark Media also can handle the entire campaign set and management, enabling you to focus on your core business.

This video explains all about WSM:

Their free Adwords evaluation offer is a great way to ensure that you are up and running right away. When you contact White Shark Media, a qualified Adwords specialist will walk you through the steps and show you how things work there.

By the end of the training you will have the skills to handle your campaign management.

Another great thing about White Shark Media, is how they handle customer complaints. They provide top quality service but if a clients has issues with any of the ad campaigns or other service, the professionals at White Shark Media step in right away. They find out the full details and immediately address the matter to the client’s satisfaction.

If you want them to handle it for you then you will sign up for that service and they will help you achieve the success you desire. Simply go to their website, browse around and then contact them for more information.

Small Businesses must Protect their Online Reps

Having a solid online reputation is essential to survival for most business enterprises. The fact is that a business owners must protect the public’s perception of their character and their identity. If not, they can lose sales and profits or worse; they will have to permanently close their doors. A business owner can protect their brand by diligently using the following tips.

Keep your Site Updated

All business owners should keep their sites updated. The reason for this is simple. If an organization has a bad reputation, an updated site will help to push back negative search results. The fact is that Google and other search engines like dynamic sites that have fresh content.

Content that is constantly being updated will be ranked higher on search results. Websites that rarely if ever update their content are setting themselves up for failure.

Have a Social Media Profile

A business must have a social media profile if they are going to remain relevant. The competition is fierce and an enterprise will need to have this type of web presence to compete. All businesses should create a social media presence on the internet and they should at least have a profile on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Expand your Online Presence

The trick to expanding your online presence is to put up blogs, articles and advertisements on the web where your niche market or customer base gathers. This might be easier said than done. Once you figure out where your customers and potential customers hang out then you should proceed in that direction.

All business owners should also use updated SEO practices to help their search engines to be ranked higher in results. There are companies that assist businesses with improving their web presence. is a company that can remove bad search results and provides reputation management services for people. This company will help to remove bad results and get people ranked higher up in searches.

Discover How To Clean Your Online Reputation With Management Professionals

Cleaning up your reputation online will require a management professional when you have spent years of posting anything you wanted on social media as a youth, but now you’ve finished college and your expecting to find a great job. Then, there is the occasional online business owner or brand that gets heckled by someone online without merit. For example, they just like going on your social media account and posting lies or photo-shopped pictures. is there to assist you in cleaning up your online reputation by removing or discard information that you may no longer want posted online. In fact, negative reviews can also be an issue that can be corrected with online reputation management.

In a recent online article from Entrepreneur they give you (5) ways of taking the high road with your haters. Sometimes people don’t realize the harmful affects of saying bad or untrue things about people online, but some people do it to be hurtful. In fact, trolling their social media account and saying nasty things is not taking the high road. Customers are encouraged to always display their professionalism online and not feed back to negative comments with any type of response.

The goal is to reassure your customers that they will get the continued customer service that they’ve always received. In fact, go out of your way to make sure every commitment and deadline is met. More than ever, after a negative comment your customers are looking over your social media presence and online accounts. Again, when a person is heckling you online don’t dignify it with a response, but you can respond to a customer in an effort to rectify any indifference’s. However, if they continue to be belligerent you should discontinue any communication. At least your customers will see that you will put up a good faith effort to satisfy your customers. This is mostly important for starter companies and people that are trying to build a brand. Visit the official website for today and found out how you can clean up bad reviews and improve your online reputation.

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