Bob Reina Launched Talk Fusion to Great Success

The team at Talk Fusion have been at the forefront of bringing innovation the communication solutions market for the better part of the last decade. Talk Fusion was established by CEO and founder Bob Reina and he continues to be the guiding hand that has brought Talk Fusion to their current standing in the industry. Talk Fusion’s path to the top is interesting and shows the thought process and hard work that Reina has been willing to put in in order to make sure his company succeeds. Learn more:


Talk Fusion almost didn’t even happen, in that Bob Reina was originally settled into a career as a police officer. Reina had worked with the police department for a decade when he met a networking executive while working an off duty job. During this conversation Reina was opened up to the idea of becoming his own boss and running his own business. Needless to say Reina was really excited about the concept of taking control of his future. Reina would soon start the gears turning toward what would eventually become the Talk Fusion that we know and love today. Learn more:


Reina’s path to Talk Fusion wasn’t essentially a straight line after the police force He dipped his toes into network marketing and found out soon that it was tough to make a paycheck. In fact, Reina admits that there were actually times when his phone bill was larger than his actual paycheck! Still, Reina always believed in the concept of hard work and he soon settled into a system that would allow him to shift his focus toward a progressive future with Talk Fusion.


When Talk Fusion eventually went to market, starting with their Video Email program, Reina found that success came pretty quick and pretty simply. The reason? Talk Fusion was offering solutions to a problem that a ton of people really needed. Talk Fusion hit the market running and profit was there waiting for them. The Video Email application that they started with is still at the core of their innovative marketing suite but there has been so much more work done under Bob Reina since then.


Anthony Petrello, Transforming Business Leadership

Anthony Petrello has played a huge role in ensuring that Nabors Industries makes tremendous strides of success, from the time when he took over the leadership of company in 1991. Currently, Nabors Industries boasts of having approximately over 500 rigs all over the world, and it has established its branches in more than 25 countries. Nabors Industries is deeply involved in the oil drilling activities, but it never participates in the process of refining and producing oil. Due to the experience that the organization has had in oil drilling, it has ended up becoming very popular due to its expertise in the shale-fracking job that is lately becoming very popular.

Anthony Petrello topped the list of the highest paid Chief Executive Officers in 2013, and this was because shareholders had not started interfering in matters of Nabors Industries governance until 2014. In 2014, it was agreed that the various corporate governance laws that had initially been adopted at Nabors Industries should be changed, therefore, leading to an alteration on how compensation practices were being carried out in the organization. Some of the significant changes that were adopted include separating the roles assigned to the CEO and the Chairman of the company. Adoption of such rules limited the overall pay of Anthony Petrello by over three times, and the shareholders were given the power to elect anyone whom they preferred to lead organization. Therefore, this limited Anthony Petrello’s salary, unlike in the previous year when he received a massive $68million hence becoming the highest paid boss globally.

Anthony Petrello used his previous expertise in corporate law that he gained while working at Baker & McKenzie law firm, to help Nabors Industries CEO Eugene Isenberg, to move the company offshore in the year 2002. Anthony Petrello has a degree in Law from Stanford University, which he obtained after gaining both Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Yale University. Since he was young, Tony had a gift in numbers, and that is what led him to pursue career in mathematics.

Anthony Petrello is a board director at Stewart & Stevenson LLC, Texas Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees, and Hilcorp Energy Company. He is also a huge advocate for research into various medications that can be used to correct complications for those who have neurological disorders.

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Nothing Can Deter Adam Milstein from Advocating for the Needs of the Jewish People

Adam Milstein is a conspicuous Israeli real estate businessperson who manages the Hager Pacific Properties. This real estate company is characterized with a remarkable portfolio of over $ 2 billion assets located globally. Additionally, Adam is also recognized as one of the most active philanthropists from the Jewish clan. Adam’ s involvement in charitable ventures is through the Adam and Gila Foundation that he confounded with his wife, Gila Milstein. The Foundation focuses on sponsoring and mentoring scholars in separate parts of the world by aiding them to understand their Jewish heritage. Because of his devotion to community service, Adam Milstein was recently named on the list of the Top 200 Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneurs.


Other than his works with Adam and Gila Foundation, Mr. Milstein also founded the Israeli-American Council that is responsible for nurturing the connection between the U.S and Israel. Milstein is an advocate of his community who speaks up for the rights of the Jewish people as well as other oppressed individuals in the community. Through the Israeli-Council, he has managed to influence the development of American foreign policies guiding the Israeli and Jewish relations.


Moreover, Adam also writes and participates in several publications that offer insightful advice to the Jewish people. He encourages the Israelis to learn how to read and write in Hebrew as it will aid them to understand their religion and culture better.


About Adam Milstein

Adam was born and raised in Haffa, Israel. He served as a soldier in the Israeli Army before joining College and graduating in 1978 from Technion. Adam relocated to the United States where he did an MBA at the Southern California University. After finishing his studies, he began his career, working as a real estate investor. Currently, he is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties which he founded in the early 1980’s.


Adam Milstein is also a public speaker who has made appearances at several Jewish leader seminars and University campuses. In 2016, Mr. Milstein was named in the list of the Top 50 Most Influential Jews Column by Jerusalem Post.


The Un-known Accomplishments of Eric Pulier’s

Many people might know Eric Pulier as a father of four kids who lives in Los Angeles. Some people might have known as while he is serving The Painted Turtle board. However, below are some of the other fields that he has ventured into and been successful in them.


His entrepreneurial success

XPrize emerges as one of Eric Pulier’s greatest investments. It consisted of various prizes and competitions for people who wished to achieve their best in life. His key objective behind this was helping determined youths, and adults get rewarded for achieving their dreams.


It is not the only accomplishment linked to Pulier; he has also invested in other fields such as Akana. Under this brand, Pulier founded the program of SOA Software where he gained various other SOA vendors in the 2000s. Currently, this company belongs to Roque Wave Software after buying it from Pulier. Before Pulier sold the firm, he had made it a powerful SOA solutions suite.


Eric’s published works

Understanding Enterprise SOA was among his great and knowledgeable books. He uses the book for delivering an easy-to-understand and concise introduction of SOA. Most people value the books due to its easy readability, relevance as well as in-depth insight. Pulier has also gained much popularity while he was writing for Forbes.


Philanthropy work

The Painted Turtle has been one of his famous philanthropy works. The Painted Turtle acted as a camp for children suffering from chronic illnesses. Pulier is the cloud operations VP under the firm. He has willingly dedicated both money and time for ensuring that children needing special medical attention can still benefit from the pleasant experience of the summer camp.


His compassion for children in need of special medical attention can also be seen in his Starbright World work. He invested his low-tech skills and his money to build a safe and secure platform related to social media which, was designed for children having chronic illnesses. Eric Pulier has led to a positive change in the world including his earliest investments to supporting special needs patients. He has a great vision of developing computing technology, assisting young entrepreneurs in their dreams as well as supporting others.