Bob Reina Launched Talk Fusion to Great Success

The team at Talk Fusion have been at the forefront of bringing innovation the communication solutions market for the better part of the last decade. Talk Fusion was established by CEO and founder Bob Reina and he continues to be the guiding hand that has brought Talk Fusion to their current standing in the industry. Talk Fusion’s path to the top is interesting and shows the thought process and hard work that Reina has been willing to put in in order to make sure his company succeeds. Learn more:


Talk Fusion almost didn’t even happen, in that Bob Reina was originally settled into a career as a police officer. Reina had worked with the police department for a decade when he met a networking executive while working an off duty job. During this conversation Reina was opened up to the idea of becoming his own boss and running his own business. Needless to say Reina was really excited about the concept of taking control of his future. Reina would soon start the gears turning toward what would eventually become the Talk Fusion that we know and love today. Learn more:


Reina’s path to Talk Fusion wasn’t essentially a straight line after the police force He dipped his toes into network marketing and found out soon that it was tough to make a paycheck. In fact, Reina admits that there were actually times when his phone bill was larger than his actual paycheck! Still, Reina always believed in the concept of hard work and he soon settled into a system that would allow him to shift his focus toward a progressive future with Talk Fusion.


When Talk Fusion eventually went to market, starting with their Video Email program, Reina found that success came pretty quick and pretty simply. The reason? Talk Fusion was offering solutions to a problem that a ton of people really needed. Talk Fusion hit the market running and profit was there waiting for them. The Video Email application that they started with is still at the core of their innovative marketing suite but there has been so much more work done under Bob Reina since then.


The Power of a Woman in Business, Susan McGalla

Although a lot of women have already acquired top positions in various companies, some of them haven’t realized their full potentials. They lack direction on the best way to succeed in their careers. In the past, women experienced challenges such as inequality and unequal pay. It was hard to find a lady sitting in a boardroom as a director. However, the government and various organizations have made efforts to deal with these vices.


Women have depicted excellent leadership skills even with the existence of such drawbacks. Thanks to their unique blend of personality, they can take up any challenge and serve as great leaders. Additionally, they’re taking a step in the world of business by starting their own businesses.


A few decades ago, men dominated the corporate world. This, however, has become a thing of the past. Women like Susan McGalla have fearlessly ventured into business. Businesswomen are role models to other ladies and are also good at empowering each other. They have the skills required to manage companies properly. Women who do business are capable of building connections with other entrepreneurs.


Susan McGalla has climbed the corporate ladder to become a successful business leader. She credits her success to passion, versatility, confidence and hard work. According to her, nothing comes easy in business. She believes that business people have to know their potential and work towards building a name for themselves. From the start of her career, Susan knew that it was up to her to make the best out of her abilities.


Ms. McGalla is the founder of a Pittsburgh-based company known as P3 Executive Consulting. She also serves at the Pittsburgh Steelers as the Strategic Planning Director. Susan McGalla is in the retail business. Some professionals in the finance sector consult her on issues such as talent management, marketing, branding, and merchandising.