Wengie’s Youtube Beauty Channel



Wengie is a vlogger, or video blogger, who regularly posts content on Youtube for people to watch and discuss. Primarily, her videos are combination of instructional videos and updates on the day to day of her personal life.


Many of her videos offer viewers beauty tips. This includes things like, how- to instructions on applying make up, suggested or preferred brands of lipstick or tips for summer stlyes. One of the interesting things about Wengie’s videos is that she is a Chinese Australian. Her videos will sometimes contain interesting social observations about the cultural contrasts between her home and the other countries she has visited.


In this particular video, Wengie gives viewers a first hand, step-by-step walkthrough as she dyes her naturally dark hair from blonde to a vivid shade of lilac. What’s really nice about this video is that, by bringing the viewer in on the experience she is doing more than just reading off a five step list and throwing up some visuals. She is inviting the audience to participate with her in the process. This gives the audience a sense of investment in the end result and adds to the viewing pleasure.


Another interesting thing to noticed while watching this video is the presence of an instrumental track, which plays as she speaks. This is a nice touch sense it helps cover up spaces or pauses where there might have been only dead noise. It also creates a sense of rythm and momentum to her words. Both aspects help to keep the audience entertained and invested in the video as it progresses. The music is soft and not too distracting which is good.


Before beginning the process she suggests a couple of alternatives to the methods she is using and points out that risks of trying to go too light and damaging the hair in the process. From there the process is pretty straight forward. If you’re interested in seeing the video for your own benefit visit the URL posted below.


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