José AuriemoNeto’s Exclusive Role in JHSF

JHSF is a leading Brazilian company which specializes in the real estate industry. They operate in hotels, gastronomy, shopping malls and housing development. The company began in 1972 and was initially called JHS. Their principal activity and investment are in the high-income segments where they keep their focus on recurring income activities. The company operates in not only the Brazilian market but also in other countries such as the United States of America and Uruguay.

The founding journey of JHSF

Founded in 1972 in the city of Sao Paulo by two brothers, Jose Roberto Auriemo and Fablo, the company initially began as JHS before changing to JHSF. The company initially performed construction and incorporation services.

In 1990, the company split into two resulting in the new name JHSF. In 2001, the company’s operations expanded into shopping mall areas. They constructed a shopping mall considered as the countries’ first mall integrated with a subway station. Their activities in luxury and high-income market intensified two years later and learn more about Jose.

Awards and honors

Since 2012, the JHSF has received numerous awards all thanks to their unique operations and their dedicated team. These awards include the Best Environmental Seat of Aqua Award, the PINI Award, and the Best Company in Brazil Award in the real estate sector all in the year 2012 and more information click here.

In 2014, JHSF got selected as the best developer in Brazil by the PINI Award. In the same year, it also won the Featured in Other Formats Award during the Brazilian Forum of Shopping Centers.

About José AuriemoNeto

José AuriemoNeto is the son of FabrioAuriemo, the President, and developer of JHSF. Currently, JHSF is termed as the most prominent real estate developing company in Brazil. His role includes overseeing the interest of the brand in public developments, hotels and office building and administering the group’s extensive portfolio.

In 2009, he oversaw the company’s first venture into retail and signed exclusive partnership agreements. José AuriemoNeto is an alumnus of the prestigious Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteado (FAAP) University located in Sao Paulo. Mr. Neto currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman in the company and learn more about Jose.


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