OSI Group Believes In Excellence In The Food Industry

OSI Group establishes partnerships with world brands in foodservice and retail food brands in order to fascinate their customers worldwide with food solutions that go straight to their table. The company has solid resources and is a large global food providing enterprise that can deliver to the whole world.

OSI is passionate about entrepreneurship and values innovation and the future of the food solution business. They offer customized food solutions with efficiency and worldwide understanding of tastes and preferences that are attained through their research and image studies while committing to food safety and top quality and sustainability.

In 2016 OSI Group ranked number 58 in the Forbes review for America’s Largest Private Companies based on 2015 statistics. The company ended 2015 with U$6.1 billion in sales. Some of the top products that OSI Group sells are bacon, meat patties, fish, poultry, vegetable products hot dog sausages, and pizza. OSI is based in Aurora, Illinois and has been in business since 1909.

OSI Group is rock solid in their conviction that their collaborators and employees are responsible for forging the success of the group in the food business. Focusing on success as the ultimate target and objective, OSI Group strives in promoting and establishing a workplace environment that will challenge, stimulate and also offer rewarding opportunities to those that are dedicated and share these values and goals.

OSI Industries has delivered excellent food products for over a century. OSI has reached a world-renowned level of fame for their innovation in their leadership in the food business industry. They are proud of the dedication, passion, and responsibility seen in their employees. OSI Group believes in their employees that are passionate about their work and believe in the core values and pursuit of new solutions because OSI knows that every individual is able to make a difference. OSI is always looking for talented individuals that believe in teamwork and share the desire of delivering excellent services to their customers. OSI Group is dedicated to offering the best solutions to their customers.

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