Securus Aids Law Enforcement To Obtain Search Warrants With New Software

Our criminal justice system is structured by the Constitution and the specifically the bill of rights. The founding fathers felt persecuted by the British government in the days of the old colonies. They specifically wrote the Constitution in response to the unfair treatment they received at the hands of the British. This includes the idea that anyone suspected of the crime is innocent until proven guilty. It also protects citizens from unwarranted search and seizure. These are protections that you are not afforded in many other countries around the world.


These protections can sometimes make it difficult for law enforcement to prevent crimes. A law enforcement officer may know that a crime will be committed but lacks the evidence or the cause to stop crying. Obtaining search warrants, for instance, requires that a law enforcement officer has a reasonable belief that a person will commit a crime.


Securus Technologies has been helping law enforcement secure more search warrants through a software innovation. It may seem simple, but this software allows law enforcement officers to search a massive treasure trove of digital information. The digital information is cold from every phone call made to a prison facility that the technology company services.


If a police officer suspects somebody of planning a crime, and that person communicates with somebody inside the prison, law enforcement can then approach Securus to obtain every single phone call that person has been involved with. Information in these recorded phone calls can be used to obtain search warrants in order to prevent crimes.


It is a wonderful thing that this telecommunications company does for law enforcement and for society as a whole. Instead of simply enjoying the profits of providing telecommunications services to a prison, Securus goes out of its way in order to make everyone safer.


USHEALTH Group Inc.| Commitment to Providing Better Healthcare Services for All

US Health Group Inc. and its subsidiary companies are dedicated to providing insurance solutions to families, individuals, and small business with their services covering specific diseases, accidents, and disabilities. The company, which is located in Fort Worth, Texas, collaborates with National Foundation Life Insurance Company and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. US Health Group has the main objective of aspiring to be Americas Trusted Choice for Healthcare.

Customer Tailored Products

The company has an array of products all of which are inspired and designed with the aim of meeting specific client needs. Each client looks for affordability, accessibility and flexibility when seeking insurance covers. US Health Group Inc. and its subsidiaries focuses on these factors when designing their products.

Their products are tailored such that even customers who are on a limited budget can afford health insurance plans. Additionally, the company’s products are designed to cover certain critical illnesses, short-term accident disabilities, dental and vision plans, term life insurance, and income protector.

What makes US Health Group Stand Out in the Highly Competitive Industry?

US Health Group collaborates with other licensed health insurance providers to make sure they offer their customers affordable and quality plans. A strong mission, Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE), guides the company to stand out in a highly competitive industry. Just as the acronym suggests, the US Health Group management, staff, and contracted agents strive to offer hope to their customers on a daily basis.

Additionally, the company offers affordable and reliable products as their organizational commitment to make a difference in people’s lives. Their reliability can be attributed to the fact that they have been in the industry for over 50 years and have had the pleasure of serving over 15 million customers. The data clearly shows that the company has accumulated experience and innovation in their line of work.

Reasons why you should have an Account with US Health Group Inc.

By creating an account with US Health Group, you get to manage and monitor your healthcare 24/7 from wherever. Additionally, you can utilize online tools available to account owners to review your benefits and make informed decisions about your healthcare. With an online account, you can also research on prescription drugs and their costs as well as viewing your order history plan and more information click here.

With an account, you can quickly locate service providers, compare their offered services and chose one that suits you best. You can also use the company’s money saving center to find several ways in which you can save money including seeking for home delivery options, comparing generic and brand cost comparisons, and track personalizes savings based on your prescription history. Additionally, you get access to sample topics that you can discuss with your physician.

Rona Borre: Putting The Human Element Back Into IT Staffing With Facebook

          Rona Borre uses Facebook

Despite founding her business during an economic downturn, Rona Borre’s Instant Alliance, then Instant Technology, experienced rapid growth. Currently the CEO of Instant Alliance, Borre’s previous experience at a global staffing and recruiting firm, as well as her desire to put the human element back into the hiring process, took her small startup to a national business serving both government and commercial clients with IT and finance talent.  Check on

As a guest columnist for CNBC, Borre elaborated on how she incorporates the human element into the hiring process, saying that she has made hiring decisions based on a candidate’s Facebook posts. Borre goes on to explain that Facebook provides a strong indication of a person’s values, such as whether they are driven or laid back. As one of 2011’s Enterprising Women of the Year, Borre was recognized for her accomplishments, including acting as a community leader, being a dynamic business owner and mentoring other women considering entrepreneurship. It’obvious that Borre is very driven and goal oriented.  Visit


In addition, Rona Borre uses Facebook to increase her reach as an IT talent recruiter. From Instant Alliance’s office in Chicago, Borre can find talented temporary or permanent staff for her clients, especially if the client is seeking a candidate with an in-demand skill set.




Bruce Levenson, the Man behind Atlanta Hawks

A lawsuit was filed by the former NBA franchise owners, the Atlanta Hawk Ownership Group, AHBE, led by the controlling partner Bruce Levenson. The suit against New Hampshire Insurance excludes the current owners of the Hawks and relates to a contract breach in a matter of failed settlement of claims. The case was filed by Danny Ferry, a former manager at the Hawks franchise. According to, the case before the superior court in Fulton County is a civil matter with the material subject relating to bad faith by the insurance company. Court documents show that the insurance firm, also known as AIG, covered AHBE against losses in case Workplace Torts and Wrongful Termination risks were ever to materialize.

Ferry and Hawks were in a six-year business relationship, tagged with a value of $18 million that ended on June 22, 2015. This was after a buyout that had the ownership structure of Atlanta Hawks change. The legal action taken against AIG borders on its failure to accept that the policy was activated and thus AIG ought to have honored the agreement by paying for the losses covered in the agreement. The amount in question was however sealed and only privy to the parties involved. As an addition to the suit, James J. Leonard of Barnes & Thornbug, the legal representation of AHBE, sought an additional 50% as penalty fees on the unpaid losses including lawyer fees and costs.

Bruce Levenson had a niche for business. Before joining the partnering in the ownership of the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce was established in the field. He co-founded United Communications Group (UGC), owner of Atlanta Spirit LLC and a director of Tech Target Inc., since February 10th of 2015. Aside from his corporate life, Levenson is known for his work writing for the Observer Publishing and the Washington Star not forgetting his service on the board of directors of Electronic Publishers Association and Newsletters. Bruce Levenson is a man playing in the big leagues.

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Thor Halvorssen Fights for Economic Justice

All great human rights leaders were focused on economic issues. In fact, many human rights abuses take place on the economic level. Take the dictator of Angola, for instance. Angola is rich in natural resources and the dictator is hard at work exploiting that fact. He uses the military to bully his people for cheap labor in order to sell off those resources. In the end, he is stealing from his people, forcing them into poverty and abusing their human rights economically.

Most people may not remember, but Martin Luther King Jr was very focused on economic issues. The famous human rights activist marched for labor movements while he was fighting for African American civil rights. Ghandi’s revolt was economic. He urged his people to get their salt from the ocean rather than buy it from the British in a fight against unfair taxes.

This focus on economic issues is what makes the world’s new human rights rockstar so interesting. The 40-year-old Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. He uses his foundation, along with the power the the internet, to fight for economic justice.

He began his economic fight back in 1999 before the creation of the Human Rights Foundation. The human right activist stormed the building of Lucent Technologies. Lucent Technologies was famous for abusing human rights at the time. Their products were being made by slave labor in China. At the time, they were no better than the dictator of Angola.

The sit=in aimed to force the company to avoid slave labor. The company agreed. All products being made for Lucent in China would now be certified as “slave labor free” by an independent third party click here.

And don’t think Thor forgot about the unilateral dictator of Angola. His resume, In a fight for economic justice for the people of Angola, Thor penned an open letter to Nikki Minaj. The pop star was to play a private concert. She’d reap the benefits of Angola’s slave labor. Thor penned the viral letter to educate the world about the horrible economic abuses taking place in the far-off country.

Clay Siegall Advancement Treating Cancer Patients at Seattle Genetic

Clay Siegall is a professional expert and also a popular scientist and entrepreneur. He is the CEO, co-founder and the president of Seattle Genetic. He is the chairman of the company at the board of members. He accomplished a Ph.D from George Washington University in Genetics and additional a B.S from the University of Maryland in Zoology. He has operated in the section of biotechnology. Due to the much effort he has put through he was given an award as the Almunus 2013 from Maryland University for computer, natural sciences and math.

Biotechnology is modesty in positioning and introducing technology in the practice of science. In other words is accumulating various microorganisms to work on certain manufacturing technique in order to generate non-natural drugs and hormones. Seattle Genetics has the main goal of creating greatest drug conjugates (ADC). Clay Siegall and his workmates they constantly produce good outcomes of supporting and helping patients who have cancer. They have also ensured that they adequately helped a lot of patients therefore they have reached more people in the world approximately 60 countries. Adcetric is the main drug that they introduced and they are certain that they will create more and improve in the future.

The economic of the company has risen to because of the great work and effort they put through for many years Clay Siegall and his colleagues. The company also has ensured that more than 20 ADCs has been delivered to clinical developments. Clay Siegall has played a big role in the development of the company due to his understanding and experience. The company achieved $330 million. Adcentris has helped out a lot of patients in the universes. Furthermore, more than 15,000 victims of Lymphoma have been cured with the drug.

Seattle Genetic also introduced SGN-CD33A in acute myeloid leukemia as well as SGN-CD19A in non-Hodgkin lymphoma whereby they are very good and has the outcome has been astonishing. Cancer patients are guaranteed by the company that they will attain a lot of brilliant treatments for cancer in order for them to live fit lives. Clay Siegall partners with other companies to create an improved treatment for cancer patients.

Don Ressler Uses Strategy to Succeed

Fabletics is a huge activewear brand. It has seemingly come out of nowhere to grab a huge slice of the market share on One of the reasons for this is the fact that Kate Hudson has come on board to become a huge presence in the marketing of Fabletics to consumers. Having the best product is not always what matters. It is also important to be able to effectively market what you are trying to sell. Kate has undeniable star power that she has used to get the word out about what Fabletics sells at She agreed to be a part of Fabletics because she wants people to be able to buy quality activewear that is not expensive.

Don Ressler has been a great entrepreneur for quite some time. This did not happen by accident. He uses a strategy that he has perfected over the years. One of the biggest reasons why the startups launched by Ressler do not go into the tank is because he takes several months getting each one ready. He carefully goes over every aspect of the startup to make sure that everything is ready to go and that no mistakes have been made. This is not a fast process. Don Ressler believes that most people in the startup industry are just out for a quick cash grab. Therefore, they are not very concerned about the details of the site they are about to launch. This usually comes back to bite them.

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Don has also mentioned on many occasions that the team that you assemble to run your startup will ultimately determine if you will succeed or fail. Ideally, Don tries to find people who have worked in the particular industry that the new site will be a part of. Don admits that he cannot be an expert about everything he sells on his various sites on Therefore, he feels it is important to hire people who know more than he does. These people can help guide Don while he is making critical decisions that will impact the future of the startup.

Startups are a team effort. Don knows the importance of delegating responsibility in the weeks leading up to a startup’s launch. This allows him to free up his time so he is able to handle the issues that are the most critical. He feels that many people in charge of startups are unable to give up their power.