College Basketball Betting – Using the Power Ratings

College basketball is in full swing this time if the year. The teams have settled into their respective conferences and are pushing the limits to hone themselves to make a run for the championship.

This is the perfect time of the season to begin betting heavily on college basketball because one of the strongest indicators has had time to collect enough data to be more accurate.

The power rating system has been around for many years in a variety of different forms, all of which are good indicators of a team’s strengths. The power rating system is a time-tested and accurate indicator of what a potential spread between two teams should be.
The power rating approach to predict the line is a very simple approach. You simply review the power rating number attached to the teams and subtract the difference. Then make an adjustment for the home court advantage.

As an example, if Kentucky were playing South Carolina at home, UK at 17 and USC at 8 would make UK 9 points better, plus 3 extra for being at home, the line should be UK favored by 12 points.

There you have it. Assuming that there are no injuries, the line should be just about 12. As the season goes along and teams win and lose more games, the power rating will change. This is all achieved by a very intense and complex algorithm that is far too complicated to understand.

Having a clear understanding that a team has a logical and mathematical advantage is an edge that you can’t afford to pass up. When doing your research at, you will find this invaluable tool available to you right under the NCAAB tab. It’s easy to access and easier to understand. It’s not surprising that many professional bettors use the power ratings as one of their handicapping tools.

The good news is that you don’t have to understand it. The homework has been done for you. All you need to do is add or subtract.

Every college team has a power rating attached to them by the quality of the teams that they play. At, you will find that the power ratings are always displayed for your convenience. They present you will all of the valuable information that any expert handicapper will use in making college basketball betting decisions.

The Lung Institute Introduces New Stem Cell Treatments

The News From The Lung Institute

The Lung Institute has announced new treatment options for its patients. Through the use of stem cells, physicians working at the institute are treating chronic lung diseases with regenerative procedures. The results of stem cell therapy are generating optimism for the future of medicine. If the success of the Lung Institute is anything to go on, we can expect to see more physicians use stem cell therapy to achieve similar miraculous results.

How Stem Cells Help Patients

According to Cedars-sinai, the stem cell therapy used by the Lung Institute takes advantage of the natural healing process of the body. Essentially, stem cells are cells with the potential to convert themselves into other, specialized cells the body needs. If, for example, you have damaged lung tissue in need of repair, your body can use stem cells to repair the damaged tissue by turning them into cells the body needs. All the doctor needs to do is inject the necessary stem cells into your lungs and the body will begin the natural process of healing. From that point the doctor simply observes the progress of the treatment and your outcome.

Life After Treatment

Stem cell therapy alters the lives of patients dramatically. Obviously, chronic lung diseases often force patients to avoid certain activities, such as lifting or running, because those activities simply require too much of the lung’s capacities. After stem cells have done their work, many patients of the Lung Institute are able to live fuller lives. John O. is one of the best examples of how lives can change after treatment. Before he underwent this therapy, his pulmonary fibrosis forced him to carry an oxygen tank everywhere. Now he is able to live life as he wants to live it. Read his story on

The Future Is Now

The research of the Lung Institute is giving doctors across the world options they never thought possible. With the ability to simply regenerate healthy tissues, stem cell therapy may usher in a new age of medicine. The Lung Institute has taken the first steps, but only time will tell us where this will all end. For more information, visit

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