Small Businesses must Protect their Online Reps

Having a solid online reputation is essential to survival for most business enterprises. The fact is that a business owners must protect the public’s perception of their character and their identity. If not, they can lose sales and profits or worse; they will have to permanently close their doors. A business owner can protect their brand by diligently using the following tips.

Keep your Site Updated

All business owners should keep their sites updated. The reason for this is simple. If an organization has a bad reputation, an updated site will help to push back negative search results. The fact is that Google and other search engines like dynamic sites that have fresh content.

Content that is constantly being updated will be ranked higher on search results. Websites that rarely if ever update their content are setting themselves up for failure.

Have a Social Media Profile

A business must have a social media profile if they are going to remain relevant. The competition is fierce and an enterprise will need to have this type of web presence to compete. All businesses should create a social media presence on the internet and they should at least have a profile on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Expand your Online Presence

The trick to expanding your online presence is to put up blogs, articles and advertisements on the web where your niche market or customer base gathers. This might be easier said than done. Once you figure out where your customers and potential customers hang out then you should proceed in that direction.

All business owners should also use updated SEO practices to help their search engines to be ranked higher in results. There are companies that assist businesses with improving their web presence. is a company that can remove bad search results and provides reputation management services for people. This company will help to remove bad results and get people ranked higher up in searches.

The Life of Malini Saba

Malini Saba is definitely not your typical individual. To tell you the truth, she is not even your typical entrepreneur, assuming their is such a thing. Many people know her as the chairman of Saban, the company that she started. However, she doesn’t do things the way that most people in that position would choose to do them. She has no problem whatsoever getting right down into the trenches, ultimately working side by side with all of the people that work with her.

As the chairman of Saban, she takes her company to locations all over the world, often into places where no one else would even dare to go. As a result, she has been forced to deal with the so-called business practices of others who don’t have any system of ethics or morals in place. This naturally makes her job quite challenging. It also demonstrates how dedicated she is to doing the right thing. No one is forcing her to take her company into these locations. She is choosing to do so as a means of making lives better all across the globe. This is something that she has successfully done many times over, and there is no sign that she plans on slowing down any time in the near future.

Today, Malini is involved with the oil and gas industry, real estate, and technology companies. On top of being a dedicated business women she is also a generous philanthropist. In fact, she has donated countless sums of money to good causes, one of which involves dedicated medical research concerning heart health at a hospital in California.

How does she accomplish all of this? She does it by incorporating some rather unorthodox business practices. She starts by always putting her family first. Despite the fact that she spends a great deal of time at the office, she never sends someone else to take her daughter to school or pick her up. She also finds success by getting things done instead of just talking about it. She isn’t the least bit afraid to take risks and she learns from her failures while celebrating her successes. She also passes a certain amount of that success on to others, whether it is through employment with her company or her philanthropic efforts. These are the things that set Malini Saba apart from so many others, both in business and in virtually every other aspect of life.

JustFab CEO Adam Goldenberg Strikes Ecommerce Subscription Gold

The advent of the Internet has turned out to be quite profitable for entrepreneurs who have the right vision, the right timing and a product/service that people love. Such is the case with Adam Goldenberg. This rising star of the online retail world has been finding unique ways to generate a profit for years now. In fact, Adam Goldenberg started a company called “Gamer’s Alliance” when he was only 15 years old. This gaming site proved to be just the beginning, though, as Goldenberg has gone on to become involved in other successful ventures along the way.

After several projects, Adam Goldenber went on to become the COO for Intermix Media. While he was in this position, he became acquainted with Don Ressler. Before too long, the two became business partners. Intermix Media ended up getting acquired by News Corp. in 20016. After that, Goldenberg and Ressler started a new venture together. This was the beginning of Intelligent Beauty. As things often happen in the business world it wasn’t too long before the two partners found themselves at the helm of a new ship. Source:

Both are now the co-CEOs of JustFab, Inc. Launched in 2010, the company has become a worldwide force to reckon with in the ecommerce subscription world. JustFab currently has more than 35 million members, and has been expanding to reach even more customers. In addition to being successful as a unique business entity, JustFab also serves as the parent company to Fabletics, FabKids and the amazingly popular ShoeDazzle.

JustFab has earned quite a reputation over the years. One reason that it has maintained such high visibility is the unique collections the membership retail site offers on Avril Lavigne, the popular pop star, has released a fashion collection through the company. Goldenberg and Ressler even partnered with actress Kate Hudson when they launched Fabletics.

Adam Goldenberg like other successful entrepreneurs, likes to see small business ideas grow into successful companies. That is why he dedicates time as a venture partner for Crosscut Ventures. This venture fund helps to support the up-and-coming tech industry in SoCal. With the success that JustFab has managed to generate thus far, it is a sure thing that people will be hearing about Adam Goldenberg for some time to come.

Desiree Perez Has Jay Z’s Back When It Comes To Tidal

Samsung Talks With Jay Z

Samsung is in talks with Jay Z in order to take over Tidal. Samsung is based in South Korea and is teamed up with Jay Z in order to launch Magna Carta…Holy Grail. Jay Z has been talking on and off with Samsung in order to decide on the future of the music service. It is uncertain what Samsung has planned, but people can all agree that it is big. There is a lot of effort made to keep it under wraps. Of course more will be revealed in the development of this plan. Of course to go along with Jay Z and Tidal is Desiree Perez.

Desiree Perez is someone who is really tough and has a lot of street credibility. She is someone that people do not want to mess with. She is also very good at crunching numbers and making tough negotiations. She understands how rough the industry is. She has the personality and resolve needed to take the steps needed to make sure that the important deals are closed. She was the one responsible for the Rihanna Samsung deal as well as the Beyonce Formation tour. Desiree is one of the women that are good at making things happen.

With Jay Z and Des Perez, Tidal has gained a huge success. For one thing, Tidal is run by hustlers. Hustlers have a thick skin and a creative mind that knows how to hit people where it matters. Desire Perez is someone who will not allow the industry to eat her up or knock her down. Tidal is a company that is run with the aggressive passion that could bring about success to anyone who has the will and the heart to put in the needed effort. Whether Jay Z gives Tidal over to Samsung or not, the streaming service is still going to provide the hot music that brings new listeners in. Tidal is also about being refined so that it could adapt to the changing mindsets about music. The service also offers plenty of exclusives for the users in order to keep them coming back for more.

Andy Wirth Insights on the effects of the California Draught on Squaw Valley Resorts

Andy Wirth is the Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Ski Resorts located in Squaw Valley, CA. From his early age, Andy have been passionate about nature working as a ranger in Rock Mountains and San Pedro National Park.

In a recent interview in a KCRW Station program ‘Press Play with Madeleine Brand’, Andy Wirth sat down with Madeleine to discuss the current draught that has threatened to affect the west coast and the skiing mountains of California.

As businesses and households seek to conserve more during the period, Madeleine was curious to know how Andy Wirth’s luxurious resorts were planning to handle the draught that had already reduced the overall precipitation by 27% within a period of three years. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

As the interview started, Andy was asked to describe how the draught had affected the skiing resorts. He responded by saying that though the draught had already reduced his resort’s profit margin by roughly 25%, the resorts could still withstand an infinite amount of such winters despite the lack of snow fall.

He expounded this by saying that the company was investing in the snow making business through scientific mechanisms.

Andy Wirth also pointed out that draught should not be perceived as a curse. Rather, it should serve to teach the people of California the significance of conserving the unreplaceable natural resources rather than waste them.

In addition to that, Andy Wirth planned to improve mountains design and infrastructure, renovate guest lodgings and base area facilities, increase festivals and events as well as improve the culinary.

This way, he could target businesspeople who organized meetings in resorts, couples who booked weddings as well as those who celebrated their traditional events across the world.

The thought of dealing with a draught didn’t distract Andy Wirth. Rather, he was pretty much excited about having to deal with the challenge. Having experienced how volatile nature can be when working as a ranger, he believe that the situation was a chance to learn that natural resources should never be wasted. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

At an age of 49, Andy Wirth want to focus on his philanthropic commitment. He has been a major contributor to a whole lot of community services and environmental organizations around the Tahoe region of California.

His long-term objective is to improve the popularity and reputation of Squaw Valley, making it the best skiing destination in the world.

Discover How To Clean Your Online Reputation With Management Professionals

Cleaning up your reputation online will require a management professional when you have spent years of posting anything you wanted on social media as a youth, but now you’ve finished college and your expecting to find a great job. Then, there is the occasional online business owner or brand that gets heckled by someone online without merit. For example, they just like going on your social media account and posting lies or photo-shopped pictures. is there to assist you in cleaning up your online reputation by removing or discard information that you may no longer want posted online. In fact, negative reviews can also be an issue that can be corrected with online reputation management.

In a recent online article from Entrepreneur they give you (5) ways of taking the high road with your haters. Sometimes people don’t realize the harmful affects of saying bad or untrue things about people online, but some people do it to be hurtful. In fact, trolling their social media account and saying nasty things is not taking the high road. Customers are encouraged to always display their professionalism online and not feed back to negative comments with any type of response.

The goal is to reassure your customers that they will get the continued customer service that they’ve always received. In fact, go out of your way to make sure every commitment and deadline is met. More than ever, after a negative comment your customers are looking over your social media presence and online accounts. Again, when a person is heckling you online don’t dignify it with a response, but you can respond to a customer in an effort to rectify any indifference’s. However, if they continue to be belligerent you should discontinue any communication. At least your customers will see that you will put up a good faith effort to satisfy your customers. This is mostly important for starter companies and people that are trying to build a brand. Visit the official website for today and found out how you can clean up bad reviews and improve your online reputation.

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