What You Need to Know About Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare Advantage plan, popularly known as Medicare private health plan, is a program that serves as a substitute for the original Medicare benefits. The plan mostly contracts with the federal government. A certain fixed amount is paid to offer Medicare benefits to individuals.

Part A of the program offers payments for people who need in-patient hospital services, apart from those that require surgeons and physicians. Part B pays for all the services done by surgeons, doctors and any other medical service needed by outpatients such as X-rays or ER. There are three common types of Medicare Advantage plans. These are Private Fee-for-Service, health maintenance organization, and the preferred provider organization.

Most of the Medicare Advantage programs have a limit to the out of pocket expenses. Most of the limits are always very high. This means that the plan cannot include the cost sharing that is greater when using the original Medicare services.

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The plans offered by Medicare Advantage Plans have different rules concerning where and how an individual gets coverage. Before choosing any of the plans, it is paramount to check if the coverage will work correctly. The plans from Medicare Advantage mostly have a premium charge on top of the Medicare Part B program. Most of them will also charge individuals a fixed fee known as copayment. You will be responsible for this amount when receiving the services.

If you want to join the Medical Advantage Plan, you must meet the following requirements:

• Have both Medicare Part A and B

• Be living in the plans service area. 

• Individuals must not be suffering from End Stage Renal Disease.

If you are qualified for this program, you can get it from the InnovaCare Health, one of the leading providers of managed healthcare in the country. InnovaCare Health has two avenues of care: Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks. This company offers its clients the best services because it is committed to providing quality healthcare.

InnovaCare Health is led by a team of professionals who are experts in the industry, and this explains why it’s successful. The President and CEO of the institution, Rick Shinto has over two decades in the clinical and healthcare industry. He has worked in top positions for some of the top companies such as Aveta Inc. Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer, has been working for the institution for over a year now, and she has brought a lot of changes. She has a lot of expertise in the field, having worked for more than twenty years.

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Securus Takes Aim At GTL After Bad Business Practices Found

Securus Technologies is a BBB reviewed, Dallas based company that provides technology solutions to improve public safety to both the civil and criminal justice sector. Thousands of law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities rely on the company to provide simple and powerful technology that is easy to use and fast.

The company recently took a stance against another company, and with good reason. Securus released a press release according to PR Newswire discussing how they feel personally offended by the way other carriers, namely GTL (Global Tel Link), have stooped below the bar of integrity. Moreover, Securus is making it their mission over the next 6 months to provide a series of press releases that highlight all the wrongdoings of GTL along with any potential errors the company should be held accountable for.
The first has been released and highlights a few key points. GTL programmed all clocks affiliated with their correctional facility phones to log an extra 15-36 seconds to the duration of each call. GTL programmed their software so calls are rated on a higher rate than those allowed under its tariffs or rate caps. GTL made up charges to customers by inserting random monetary amounts into each call after the calls were rated. GTL billed a single call more than one time.
Along with accusing GTL of these bad business practices, Securus states that most of them were done intentionally and deliberately with no other intention than to take advantage of customers. In total, Securus found that Louisiana taxpayers were overcharged by GTL for a total amount of $1,234,000.00.
The PSC is currently bringing charges against GTL for all their wrongdoings. Some start as far back as January 21, 1998 and have continued over the past 18 years. The PSC has found numerous overcharges, fraudulently adding charges, fraudulently double billing and much more, and has declared that the people of Louisiana need more integrity in a carrier than one who so blatantly scams the customers and the state. Securus America will continue to release these press releases to inform the public about the numerous wrongdoings GTL committed as well as the charges that are being brought against them over the next 6 months.

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George Soros Expounds How European Nation Can Support Ukraine

The results of 2014 Ukrainian presidential election and European parliamentary election were characterized by a sharp contrast. While the Ukraine’s citizens proved their willingness to associate with EU, Europe’s voters voiced their disappointment with the methods used by the European Union to carry out its affairs. According to George Soros, this sharp contrast creates an opportunity for both the European people and leaders to internalize the results and figure out how assisting Ukraine can benefit Europe.

Reasons for EU creation

The EU was created to serve as a close associate of sovereign states ready pool their power together with a common goal of benefiting the world. The formation of EU was an audacious experimentation of international governance as well as the rule of law, meant to replace the use of force and nationalism.

Sudden transformation of EU

George Soros believes the euro crisis altered the EU agenda. Currently, an association of creditors and debtors whereby the creditor countries enforce conditions that maintain their dominance characterizes the European Union. The European Parliament election experienced low turnouts signifying that majority of European citizens are against the current operation of the Union.

As the Europe’s brave trial in international governance seems to waiver, Russia is proving to be a daring rival to the EU survival. Apart from having global geopolitical goals, Russia is ready to use force. Putin seems to be using a national ideology revolving around ethnicity to strengthen his government. His determinations to weaken America’s international dominance and to establish a stable alliance with China is receiving massive support from several countries.

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Sustaining Ukraine’s Breakthrough

The policy that saved Ukraine

Both the EU and the United States executed several sanctions on Russia for its involvements in Ukraine affairs. The sanctions seem to work fast and are already inflicting damage on the Russian economy. Russian companies and banks were banned from accessing the international capital markets. The sanctions have significantly lowered the oil price. For Russia to balance its economy perfectly, a barrel of oil must cost approximately $100. The oil prices decline, as well as the sanctions is slowly pushing Russia into financial crisis closely resembling one that took place in 1998. George Soros’s ideas on how Ukraine government can stabilize.

Wage reduction

The Ukraine’s revenue cannot support a large number of employees and still manage to facilitate economic growth. The high wages are forcing the nation to borrow massively. Soros believes the nation can attain its stability by reducing the civil servants number. The ministries must be reduced to a manageable number and more employment opportunities created in the private sector.

EU to increase its support

European political leaders should capitalize on the EU’s unused borrowing capacity and other sources of funds to provide a bigger financial package to Ukraine. The monetary support will assist Ukrainian government to finance its radical reform.

Shifting of negotiations

Soros believe a permanent solution for the Ukrainian crisis can be found when negotiations are shifted to the political level instead of retaining them at the bureaucratic level. George Soros is a self-established billionaire, accomplished investor, and an active philanthropist. He is the founder and chairperson of successful Soros Fund Management. Additionally, Soros serves as Open Society Foundations chairperson.

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