Yeonmi Park: The Story of Survival

The story of Yeonmi Park has been in and out of the news since she was a speaker at the One Young World Summit in 2014. Park told her story to the world and the world listened. However, some of the world doubted. Some previous North Korean defectors have stated that there are holes in her story. The North Korean government released a video stating that she is a puppet for the US. Others have stated that Park fabricated aspects of her story, such as being raped or being kept a slave. Yeonmi Park has addressed all of the accusations on NK News. Park says that she kept much of her story a secret because the embarrassment being raped would cause her and her family.

Yeonmi Park is now 21 and escaped North Korea when she was only 13 years old. Yeonmi Park has recently released a book on Amazon, “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”, that tells of her journey. It began after her father was arrested and her parents saw a need for escaping the country. Yeonmi’s 16 year old sister, Eunmi, escaped first. The next day, Yeonmi and her mother followed. They had to cross the frozen Yalu River in the middle of the night. When they reached China, their guide sold Yeonmi’s mother and kept Yeonmi as a mistress.

Eventually Yeonmi’s mother was brought back and her father was also brought to be with them. Yeonmi’s family escaped China through the Gobi Desert and into Mongolia, where they were then taken to South Korea. Unfortunately, Yeonmi’s father died from cancer only two months after escaping. In South Korea, Yeonmi’s family was reunited with her sister and they began to try and live a normal life.

Yeonmi, after finishing high school and realizing that she could make a difference in the world with her story, started sharing what had happened to her with others. Yeonmi’s goal is for people to know what is going on in the country she was born in.

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Why Soros and Buffet are Endangered Species of Investors

George Soros is one of the most famed hedge fund managers in the world. The Hungarian-born billionaire started out as a waiter and railway porter in London. Soros worked for F.M Mayer, Wertheim and CO., and Arnhold & S. Bleichroeder before founding Soros Fund Management in 1973, . He has become famous from decades of investing daringly and wisely. An article in MarketWatch, takes a look at the success of Soros and how he is among the last of his breed. Like Warren Buffet, Soros enjoyed a lot of success making the right investments, and it is doubtful that there will be any other like him or Buffet. The article likens Soros to a .400 hitter in baseball.

Consistent Returns for Decades

Both Soros and Buffet have had good runs with track records of 30:30, which means over a period of 30 years, their average returns were +30%. Soros gained fame as the man who broke the Bank of England when in 1992, he made over a Billion dollars in profit when he shorted the British pound. At the time, it seemed like a significant risk, risking over 10 billion dollars on one currency according to <ahref=url> Since then Soros continued to generate more profits for Quantum Fund.

The Changing Face of Hedge Fund Management

Times are no longer the same, though, and Soros has since left the hedge fund field since 2011. He put money back into the family office, Soros Fund Management, which is worth 30 billion dollars. Returns in the double digits are not as consistent as they were in the times of Soros and Buffet. There is speculation on whether there will ever be anyone as good as these two in the business. The MarketWatch article tries to explain why it is unlikely that anyone else will ever make such profits.

Explaining the Change

The book, Full House: The Spread of Excellence from Plato to Darwin, By Stephen Jay Gould, is the basis for the explanation. In this scenario, Soros is a .400 hitter, and the investment market is a baseball game.

The argument looks at why it is unlikely to see another .400 hitter in baseball since Ted Williams. One take is that the game of baseball is of better quality currently. The performance of different players is better, which reduces the possibility of a.400 hitter.

There are other components of the game that factors in as well. For instance, fielding is better because there is the use of bigger gloves. Players have new strategies and managers continue improving the positioning of their players. It is the same way the investment market is today. There are sharper people in the field that make it hard to make profits like Soros and Buffet. People also have access to endless information and advanced tools.

One strategy that Soros used was investing in markets where nobody else was. He has been open about how he made his profits and aspiring hedge fund managers are keen to listen. Investors like Paul Tudor Jones attribute their success to reading Soros book, The Alchemy of Finance.

It would be lax to entirely rule out that the future may see investors like George Soros and Warren Buffet, but the chances are pretty slim. Even with some investors making returns of over 30%, it is impossible for them to produce the same over an extended period like the two billionaires did.

BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Likes To Discuss How Soccer Is Played In Other Countries

Ricardo Guimarães has been the president of BMG Bank since 1998, but he has been involved in the banking business all his life. His grandfather founded the Land Credit Bank of Minas Gerais in 1930 and that bank eventually became BMG Bank when his son, Flavio became president of the bank. According to, the Guimarães family has investments in mining, coffee and several other businesses thanks to grandfather, Antonio and father, Flavio. Those businesses have made the Guimarães family one of the wealthiest families in Brazil.

When Brazil decided to ease banking regulations in 2008, Guimarães was involved with President de Silva’s plan. The emerging middle-class was able to borrow money easier than ever before, and millions of Brazilians took advantage of the new banking laws. Ricardo decided to use soccer to promote BMG Bank’s loan division, and it was one of the best decisions he ever made. Ricardo was heavily involved in Brazilian football at that time.

Ricardo was president of one of the Series A clubs for six years, so he knew the internal workings of the game. He also knew that soccer fans were loyal to the advertisers that promoted products on game days. When Guimarães was interviewed by, he said BMG Bank created a lean banking structure. The bank relied on more than 700 agents around the country to help process the demand for loans. BMG Bank’s plan was to give payroll loan applicants low-interest rates if they guaranteed the loans with their income, and that move helped the bank’s loan default rate.

Word spread around the country that a banker was also a knowledgeable soccer fan. But according to, the word spread around the world that he was a soccer aficionado. Demark was interested in what Ricardo had to say about soccer because soccer is a passion in that small Scandinavian country. Children in Denmark are enrolled in schools that teach the basics of soccer at an early age, and soccer is even prescribed by doctors if an elderly Dane is experiencing physical or mental issues.

Denmark as has more than 11,000 sports associations, according to Guimarães, and there are more than 1,600 football clubs. Denmark uses sports like soccer, handball and tennis as character builders for their citizens and Ricardo would like to see the same thing happen in Brazil.

Brazilian football is big business in Brazil and it has been good the Ricardo Guimarães in many ways. Ricardo wants to establish a more structured approach to teaching kids the art of soccer. Brazilian kids start to play the game before they start school. They play in bare feet on dirt and cement fields and go on to be good players. But Ricardo believes kids should also learn to be citizens the way Danish kids learn.

George Soros Quote for Investors to Remember

The Nature of the Stock Market

According to hedge fund guru George Soros in a recent Bloomberg article, investors need to remember that the stock market is governed by erratic and unpredictable behavior. In 2015, the stock market started off decently, but the year commenced with some surprising outcomes. With crashing oil prices, political uncertainty, and the threat of ISIL, the S&P 500 ended the year essentially flat, for example. Since certain issues do not look to be fading soon, the year of 2016 could also be volatile and overall weak for the markets.

Unpredictable and Irrational Behavior in the Markets

Contrary to the predictions of analysts and pundits, biotech stocks have performed strongly since 2010. One such example is the iShares Nasdaq Biotech ETF. From the beginning of 2010 to the end of 2015, this stock gained an astounding 307%. The performance of the Gilead Sciences biotech stock once again confirms the unpredictable nature of the markets. It had a predicted 30% revenue growth but underperformed iShares Nasdaq Biotech ETF in 2015. As a third example, the drugmaker Exelixis grew more than 240% despite its negative financial outlook.

The Track Record of George Soros

George Soros created in excess of 30% per year returns for investors during his time as head of the Quantum Fund. His record in investing is second to only the legendary Warren Buffett, and he has a reputation as one of the greatest hedge fund managers ever. His success is built upon a philosophy of erratic behavior as governor of stocks in particular. He believes what is predicted to arise in the markets rarely actually comes about, and his track record of success lends a tremendous amount of weight to his ideas.

The Bottom Line for 2016

Although the market seems to be in for a tough time due to global geopolitical and economic headwinds, the advice of George Soros would indicate people should take advantage of dips in the market and stay on the lookout for unexpected turns in the market. Spending time trying to predict market trends may prove fruitless in the long haul, as recently evidenced by the performance of Exelixis and Gilead.

Quality Dogs Eat High Quality Food

There is nothing better than having faith in a superb dog food company. For our Irish Wolfhound we have been feeding him the same food since he was a puppy. The food that I picked was due to the high quality ingredients that they use in their dog food. It can be found at just about any store and is called Beneful. The best part is that the ingredients are always easy to pronounce. There are no twisted confusing words because it is food that we eat. It does not have any strange additives at all. In fact it is of an undeniable high quality. 

Irving, our dog, is so important to us and that is why we wanted to pick out a very healthy food on that is also great for him. So in essence Beneful has been making high quality products forever. This is just one reason why we trust the product. Recently an article on high quality pet foods was written by the Daily Herald It spoke about how healthy foods of high quality has become so much more important over the past year. So much that the percentage of sales has increased by a ton. It also has become a very valuable industry and an important one at that. 

Here is the link to the great article read here. It might be wise to sit down when reading all about high quality foods from Beneful on because they will surprise you with just who approves of that dog food taste. So if you ask your little brother to take a bite you are only asking him to bite into goodness. Most people end up tasting it themselves because who wants to share, even if it is dog food like Beneful. At any rate the laughs on those afraid to taste it. Human beings being able to taste it means that we are all missing out if we don’t. This is something that many people ever thought they would say at any point. The new movement of high quality dog food was started by Beneful and it increase in popularity all the time. 

George Soros Denies Funding The #BlackLivesMatter Movement With $33 Million



One of the directors at the open source foundations came out boldly denying the conspiracy that has been on the air about the financing of the movement that has been propelled on social media by three women that work for the open source foundation with thirty three million dollars. He says that Soros does not bankroll the movement.


In the black lives matter wake, protests that have been interrupting speeches by Jeb Bush and Sanders in the last month, social media voices as well, general interest sites as well as the right wing blogs are all out to point at that conspiracy behind the funding of the black lives matter with thirty three million dollars and the donor is largely the liberal billionaire George Soros. Thomas Lifson, a philosopher and thinker in America recently wrote that Soros is funding the black lives matter movement in social media and is now a major challenge causing problems to the democrats.


Some rumors now are going viral and are now appearing in the great Forex News powerhouse ratings in July by O’Reilley Factor. The host O’Reilley was asking who was really behind the funding of this movement and he seems to be having a hint about the donors because he said that it is largely being funded by the liberal billionaire George Soros, one of our biggest friends who is giving huge sums of money to the movement named the black lives matter. He also says that he is funding directly one the biggest entertainers by the name Beyonce and YayZ.


At that time Kelly Ridell was the guest for O’Reilley and has written a report to investigate the issue for the Washington times about the involvement of George Soros in the funding and his charity to the organizations. The black lives matter is a movement that was started by three women working for George Soros organization called the open source foundations. In this case we talk about huge sums of money close to hundreds of thousands of dollars every year that are largely funded by our big friend George Soros foundations for an open society. Within one single year, George Soros would fund more than $33 million dollars to these organizations.


Kelly was being agitated when he thought about the large amount of money summing up to thirty three million dollars to agitators that are only organized to cause disruption. The republicans will be the targets at the national convention in Cleveland. But one of the directors of the open source foundations said that that was a mere issue and George Soros is not responsible for the funding. Ken Zimmerman is the director and says that he is not certain where rumor is always conceived. He feels that this kind of words about George Soros is very wrong.


The three women came up with the movement in twitter just to give attention to the death of three innocent black Americans who were killed by the police and no action has been taken against them. This information can be found inTheDailyBeast.

5 Famous YouTubers of 2015

1. PewDiePie
With a whopping 15,356,566 subscribers and 10 billion views as of December 2015, Felix Kjelberg aka PewDiePie has the most popular channel on YouTube. The 26 year old Swedish gamer produces videos of the Let’s Play genre, involving gameplay and commentary, as well as weekly vlogs. Felix dropped out of college where he was majoring in Industrial Economics and Technology Management to focus on his YouTube channel, which he originally funded with wages from working at a hot dog stand. Well played, PewDiePie.
2. JennaMarbles
This free-spirited 29 year old New Yorker has the most popular female-operated YouTube channel. She regularly posts comedy videos featuring various facets of her life as an American millennial. A classic overnight success story, Jenna once struggled to make her rent each month working a number of part-time jobs including bartending and go-go dancing. Internet fame hit when she released a video of herself applying makeup before leaving for her go-go gig titled, “How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Good Looking.” Jenna is the proud owner of a Master’s degree in Sports Psychology that sadly never came in handy.

3. Wengie
Wendy Huang, star of the popular YouTube beauty channel Wengie, began her career as a digital marketer prior to her rise to fame. The makeup-savvy Australian specializes in makeup videos for women with Asian heritage, sharing information about Japanese and Korean cosmetic products Wengie produces. After getting her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Wengie has filled a number of impressive positions including Management Accountant for Johnson and Johnson Pacific.

4. TheFineBros
Benny and Rafi Fine, collectively known as the Fine Brothers, run a number of successful online video ventures. Their transmedia YouTube sitcom “MyMusic” was the first first of its genre. Their main channel, TheFineBros, features regularly posted comedy shows. Among the most popular videos are the React series posts, where they film people from various demographic categories reacting to videos and objects such as selfie sticks.
5. HolaSoyGermán
A young Chilean comedian, Germán is one of the top YouTube personalities with more than 24 million subscribers. As his videos are in Spanish, he’s not particularly well known in America. Similar to JennaMarbles, HolaSoyGermán posts vlogs about issues modern youth face with a funny and personal bent.


Investment banks are a way to raise money for use in projects. They are also a brilliant way to invest your hard earned cash since they provide best returns. Ken Griffin is an investment banker and entrepreneur who is the brains behind Citadel. He has grown the firm from inception with just $ 4.3 million in investment stock to having over $ 25 billion in assets. He is himself a billionaire worth around $ 7 billion with investment mostly in the stock market. Griffin is a regular at Forbes Magazine since 2004 when he made his debut at Forbes 400.He is a prominent Chicagoan business executive who has made an impact in a competitive, secretive and ruthless world. The world of Investment Banks has private and public entities. Private firms are like Citadel secretive world where only the best make money. They are entrusted with client’s money and promise returns on that money. They make their money through four key areas of investments. These areas are Prop trading, market making, M&A, and share issue. In prop trading, the bank uses its money to hedge and bet on commodities for money making purposes. It mostly appears insider trading in bonds and securities to the general public. The market making is where the investment banks themselves trade a little but so as to lure the public to use them as brokers. It is mostly in on stock exchange and allows the general public access to the stock market. Some huge companies have investment bank divisions to help them trade and the understand markets. It helps such companies manage huge projects and raise money for these projects. The entities are also used to identify risks and mitigate those risks. When an entity wants to issue bonds to raise funds, they serve as the brokers for that transaction. They help package the idea into a sellable structure and sell it as a financial product. This product has annual returns and thanks to turtle trader titans like Ken Griffin; it has become a standard place instrument in the world of finance. Griffins has in the last 25 years worked hard to build a financial empire that stretches from Chicago to London. He is a hardworking and charismatic business executive known for his demanding and perfectionist nature. To him, good enough is barely sufficient. Griffins hires the skilled and competent and believes in results. Numbers don’t lie in his world. Ken Griffin is also a good Christian. He attends the Presbyterian church in Chicago and recently gave $ 11.2 million to build the chapel. He has in his career donated up to $ 500 million and continues being the cheerful giver he has always been. Ken recently made history after giving out $ 150 million in Harvard. It was for the students Financial Aid program. Griffins currently lives in Chicago but has homes all the world. He is an avid art collector with a huge well-stocked home museum.

One Man’s Interest in Lacrosse Turns Into a Career in Music

You probably haven’t heard his music yet, but trust me, you will soon. Jon Urbana attended Villanova University for its notable lacrosse program, but on the way to his Bachelor’s degree in Economics he fell in love with the entrepreneurial spirit.

His efforts on the field for the Wildcats earned Jon a distinction as an NCAA All-American for Division 1, and a defensive player of the year award to boot. His efforts in the classroom led him to jobs in the business world, such as his current role: head of business development at Ellipse USA – a medical laser company.

But in combining these two, is how Jon developed the idea for a co-founder at Next Level Lacrosse. Every year students from all over Colorado and beyond come to this summer camp where they visit his Facebook page to learn skills and drills from elite lacrosse instructors, such as Jon himself.

Jon is also a well-received photographer and videographer, and his work has amassed tens of thousands of views. He is quite popular on Instagram, Flickr and Imgur and he maintains links to all of his work via Medium, Facebook and Twitter. Of course, that’s all without mentioning his work as a song craftsman. Jon’s music has its own page at and can also be found on Tumblr and all of his tunes are curated at his Tumblr.

Jon also cares greatly for the environment and has even started a Go Fund Me page called Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force Inc to raise support and money for Earth Force Inc. Go Fund Me is a natural blending of where consciousness-raising efforts and the new face of the web intersect. Traditional methods of raising funds are still viable, of course, but the way to reach a new audience is found in new ways on the internet. This helps connect other young people with your target areas of concern more directly and allows them to seamlessly contribute right after learning about the cause.

Jon has an Airman Certification from the Federal Aviation Administration, after recently passing a very stringent qualification test. He says on Mashable that the FAA holds certified pilots to some of the highest standards in the world, and it is a testament to Jon’s dedication that he achieved this distinction on top of all the other pursuits in his life.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Men Are Caring About Their Looks

It is no secret that everyone wants to look good, even men! There use to be a stigma that if a man dressed well and took care of his looks, he was a metro sexual on Not anymore. Men are taking pride in looking good and are going about it a different way than they would have had to before.

If a man wanted to get nice designer clothing, he would go to a physical retail location where he might be forced to stand in long lines and pay an outrageous price. With online shopping becoming more prevalent in today’s society, men no longer have to be subjected to such treatment. The men behind Paul Evans disliked the traditional shopping experience just like any other guy so they made it their mission to change how men shop for designer shoes.

Companies like Paul Evans made it their commitment to create designer shoes, made in Italy, for a fraction of the cost. They were able to accomplish such a feat by going straight to the artisans and negotiating lower prices. They also choose to sell exclusively online to their customers. Deciding not to purchase retail space, they do not have to factor in the price of rent and utilities to their final price, which would be ultimately passed down to the man who cares about his outward appearance. Paul Evans even takes it a step further than some retail stores might by offering monthly payments at 0% interest. This is a huge advantage for some men to be able to buy stylish, Italian-crafted shoes online.

According to a Business Insider article “There’s a reason why men are dressing better”, sales in men’s clothing has grown 16.7% annually over the past five years. When companies realize this fact, it gives them even more incentive to deviate from how they traditionally did business in order to capture this growing market.

With more companies catering to the man who wants to look good, you can expect to see more men walking around with their designer clothes and accessories.