Sujit Choudhry’s is the head of comparative constitutional development and constitutional law. He has done much with the constitution like solving political crisis, ethnicity and tribalism Currently he is back to school to learn constitution designs on how democratic rule can be achieved and do away with the authoritative one. Sujit wears many hats such as working at the World Bank Institute as a consultant, he is a member of the United Nations Mediator, has been a foreign constitution expert in Jordan, Egypt and Libya. Also he was involved in the Tontoro Advisory Panel in Canada, which entailed making reforms of municipal government. The South Asian Bar Association named him the best Practitioner of the year.  Check also this related link.



Apart from being in different panels he has taken part in editing books of the constitutional making and constitution law. He has a role in the International Society of Public Law, Sujit Choudhry attained his law degree from Toronto and Harvard. He served in the Supreme Court of Canada as a law clerk for Chief Justice Justice Lamer Antonio. He received the Macarthur awards in and the Trudeau Fellowship in 2010. Moreover, he is the Director of Constitutional Transitional Center which gives knowledge about the constitution. He has sat as on the board of Legal Aid Ontario which is the largest legal assistance across the world. He has published over ninety articles, book chapters, working papers and reports.  Source



Comparative law refers to a study of legal system in different countries in the world. This law is inclusive of civil law, common law, socialist law, Jewish law, canon law, Hindu law and Chinese law .Comparative law is of importance in that it has helped the countries to interact with each other leading to social and economic growth.  Sujit Choudhry hopes that through comparative law, the world will be able to achieve peaceful politics as opposed to politics characterized by violence.

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ClassDojo: A personal experience

What sets ClassDojo apart from everything else? The answer lies in the simple yet truly effective platform embed into ClassDojo. The scene is set; its 7:45 a.m. and as students rush into their classrooms, their attention and focus is probably not where their teacher would like. How to redirect? In a ClassDojo classroom, students redirect themselves. In a ClassDojo classroom students are daily aware of their own expectations. But how? See this.  It’s simple; a point system…that really works! ClassDojo allows students to gain or loss points based on literally a limitless array of tasks. The secret to the ClasDojo point system is its personal nature. Click this set up ClassDojo, students are required to create a personal avatar. This avatar is unique to every student. This personal touch, as simple as it may seem, helps students own their behavior. It helps students earn and own every point. Students will not value what is not theirs. Based on, ClassDojo helps teachers not only give points, but in reality create a positive classroom climate. Without even knowing it, students are learning and daily repeating the classroom expectations set up by the teacher. So, in the daily ritual of a ClasDojo classroom, students enter the learning atmosphere in a completely different manner. As chaotic as a morning may start off in, students in a ClassDojo room are already aware of the classroom climate. These students are eager to earn, accomplish, and empower there own learning.

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Investment Expert Jeffry Schneider

The Founder of Ascendant Capital LLC, Jeffry Schneider has been an influential member of the investing and financial world for years. AS the leader of Ascendant Capital, he is responsible for an innovative approach with putting together finances. He has helped lead Ascendant Capital to incredible levels of success. Schneider’s ultimate mission is to be the trusted aid to those in the financial world.


As the leader of Ascendant Capital, Schneider manages a large group of experienced professionals. He has helped to grow the company to a large number of employees during his time in charge. His team is responsible for raising nearly $1 billion. Currently this company works with more than 250 investment advisors, and numerous family offices. Schneider brings more than two decades of financial services experience along with experience working private pension funds into his current business.


Jeffry Schneider has a unique philosophy that he brings to his company. He has a firm believe in alternative investments. He is a advocate of diversification and alternative investments are a great way to do this. Furthermore Schneider is convinced that this particular area will continue to grow in the years to come. Along with this unique way of thinking, Schneider has managed to create a willing culture at Capital. The environment encourages open communication along with lots of trust between team members. Schneider believes in transparency and this trait has helped to create a sense of team at Ascendant Capital.


Jeffry Schneider has had success in other companies and ventures outside of Ascendant Capital. Before working with Capital, Schneider worked with major companies like Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors. He has also worked with major names like Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney. His decades of experience were preceded by his education at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where he earned his degree.


Outside of the business world Schneider holds interests in a number of areas. He is very into healthy eating and fitness. His interest in this area has led to participation in marathons and even an iron man competition. His impact has been widespread and should continue to be felt for years to come.

Bringing Spring To Life With Flavors At EOS

Spring is all about color and coming to life again after a long winter. Color is something that people love to get after the dullness of winter. Spring means greeting holidays like Easter with a new, colorful suit. Shades like pale lavender, bright pink, vivid tangerine and light blue are shades that people love using at this time of the year. Many people want to have color in their lives during this time of the year from their heads to their toes. This is what those at EOS know oh so well. They know how much fun it can be to shuck off the winter blahs and use a lip balm in an incredibly color and flavor that really sings of spring. This is where they work hard to develop new forms of colors and new flavors that are about spring loveliness and spring that makes people feel great just to be alive.

Wonderful Spring Lip Balm Flavors

Even a small thing like a new shade and flavor of lip balm can be the ideal way to greet the new season. Those who look to EOS lip balm will find many flavors that are perfect for the celebration of the new season. Flavors such as blueberry acai, blackberry nectar, strawberry acai, summer fruit( and medicated tangerine are the ideal way to add spring to everything someone does. The soft colors make the perfect thing to put in a pocket and whip out during an Easter service or even when in the garden just picking flowers for a spring lamb dinner. Each user can find the kind of flavor they love that helps them recall the change of season the second they put in on their lips. Those at EOS hope to help people truly celebrate the fine new, sweet spring season.

EOS lip balm products are available on the shelves of stores such as Walmart, Walgreens and Target. The products are also available online via Amazon, eBay(, Ulta and may more websites.


Fabletics Wins With Customer Appeal

The fashion world has evolved a great deal in recent years, as many consumers are now making the choice to shop online, rather than go the “old school” route of visiting a showroom in a mall or department store every time they want new clothes. Yes, trying on clothes in a showroom can be a worthwhile shopping experience, but the reality is that many people, especially women, want to save time in their busy schedules and try on clothes in the comfort of their own homes. All of this points to the reason behind the huge success of e-commerce fashion.


Today, the online fashion world is highly competitive, with now taking 20 percent of the market. As more and more people enjoy the convenience of shopping online, they are asking for more from the companies they shop with. Customers today want unique qualities from a new brand, along with last mile service and great customer experiences. All of this means new brands have to work overtime to get new customers and keep them coming back. Can new brands break through in this very competitive atmosphere? Against all odds, the answer is yes.


Fabletics Makes a Difference


One of the companies that has found success in this heated market is Fabletics, the activewear brand co-founded by Kate Hudson and her partners. Just three years after its launch, the brand is now estimated to have a worth of $250 million, which is an incredible accomplishment for any type of startup company.


How did Fabletic break through in this intense market? Fabletics is having great success with its personalized service, via its VIP monthly subscription model, for one thing. This service offers customers a special monthly selection of affordably priced workout outfits curated by Hudson herself, in accordance with the customer’s stated workout preferences. These clothes also have the advantage of being incredibly versatile. They’re attractive enough and comfortable enough to double as casual wear after a workout is completed, so customers get a lot of wear out of these clothes.


Hudson’s Appeal


Along with offering quality clothing at affordable prices, Fabletics also has a great spokesperson in Kate Hudson. Hudson’s athletic, active image makes her the perfect representative for the brand, as she represents the lifestyle that the brand’s customers aspire to.


Great clothing at great prices, with a high level of customer service is a winning combination, and Fabletics is proving that these qualities equal success, even in a crowded marketplace.

Why You Need to Consult Martin Lustgarten when Investing for Retirement

With the economy starting to show some signs of recovery, the Americans are focusing on the future. While retirement seemed almost improbable during the recession, the prospective retirees can take advantage of the thriving economy to secure their future with a couple of wise investments. For an employee to make the right decisions while planning for retirement, the assistance of an experienced investor is indispensable. Martin Lustgarten is one of the most experienced bankers in the investment arena, and he has assisted many employees to realize their retirement dreams.

Maximizing your Returns

Besides working hard to unearth the most lucrative investments, Martin has the knack to spot the current trends and predict the future of the investment markets. With Martin Lustgarten by your side, you will make the right investment decisions and maximize your returns. While most financial gurus will give you the theoretical investment lessons, Martin leads by example. If you analyze his investments, you can see the decisions he has made along the way. His ability to leverage his knowledge while investing has enabled him to make a fortune in a short time. Martin believes that a rich portfolio of investments is the key to making wealth. With a global portfolio that generates wealth in multiple streams, Martin has transformed the lives of many retirees across the globe.

Why You Need To Start Investing

Considering that the economy is starting to show some signs of recovery after the recession, now is the ideal time to invest. If you are looking for a role model in your investment journey, following in Martin Lustgarten’s footsteps will work to your advantage. Remember that you are leveraging the current resources with the goal to reap the huge rewards in the future. There are plenty of investment opportunities for the people who take the right steps to change their current economic situations and reap the benefits of their labor. Fortunately, you cannot go wrong if you seek advice from an expert who has done it before. If you want to start saving for your retirement, Martin Lustgarten will give you plenty of investment opportunities that will generate great returns in the future.

College Basketball Betting – Using the Power Ratings

College basketball is in full swing this time if the year. The teams have settled into their respective conferences and are pushing the limits to hone themselves to make a run for the championship.

This is the perfect time of the season to begin betting heavily on college basketball because one of the strongest indicators has had time to collect enough data to be more accurate.

The power rating system has been around for many years in a variety of different forms, all of which are good indicators of a team’s strengths. The power rating system is a time-tested and accurate indicator of what a potential spread between two teams should be.
The power rating approach to predict the line is a very simple approach. You simply review the power rating number attached to the teams and subtract the difference. Then make an adjustment for the home court advantage.

As an example, if Kentucky were playing South Carolina at home, UK at 17 and USC at 8 would make UK 9 points better, plus 3 extra for being at home, the line should be UK favored by 12 points.

There you have it. Assuming that there are no injuries, the line should be just about 12. As the season goes along and teams win and lose more games, the power rating will change. This is all achieved by a very intense and complex algorithm that is far too complicated to understand.

Having a clear understanding that a team has a logical and mathematical advantage is an edge that you can’t afford to pass up. When doing your research at, you will find this invaluable tool available to you right under the NCAAB tab. It’s easy to access and easier to understand. It’s not surprising that many professional bettors use the power ratings as one of their handicapping tools.

The good news is that you don’t have to understand it. The homework has been done for you. All you need to do is add or subtract.

Every college team has a power rating attached to them by the quality of the teams that they play. At, you will find that the power ratings are always displayed for your convenience. They present you will all of the valuable information that any expert handicapper will use in making college basketball betting decisions.

The Lung Institute Introduces New Stem Cell Treatments

The News From The Lung Institute

The Lung Institute has announced new treatment options for its patients. Through the use of stem cells, physicians working at the institute are treating chronic lung diseases with regenerative procedures. The results of stem cell therapy are generating optimism for the future of medicine. If the success of the Lung Institute is anything to go on, we can expect to see more physicians use stem cell therapy to achieve similar miraculous results.

How Stem Cells Help Patients

According to Cedars-sinai, the stem cell therapy used by the Lung Institute takes advantage of the natural healing process of the body. Essentially, stem cells are cells with the potential to convert themselves into other, specialized cells the body needs. If, for example, you have damaged lung tissue in need of repair, your body can use stem cells to repair the damaged tissue by turning them into cells the body needs. All the doctor needs to do is inject the necessary stem cells into your lungs and the body will begin the natural process of healing. From that point the doctor simply observes the progress of the treatment and your outcome.

Life After Treatment

Stem cell therapy alters the lives of patients dramatically. Obviously, chronic lung diseases often force patients to avoid certain activities, such as lifting or running, because those activities simply require too much of the lung’s capacities. After stem cells have done their work, many patients of the Lung Institute are able to live fuller lives. John O. is one of the best examples of how lives can change after treatment. Before he underwent this therapy, his pulmonary fibrosis forced him to carry an oxygen tank everywhere. Now he is able to live life as he wants to live it. Read his story on

The Future Is Now

The research of the Lung Institute is giving doctors across the world options they never thought possible. With the ability to simply regenerate healthy tissues, stem cell therapy may usher in a new age of medicine. The Lung Institute has taken the first steps, but only time will tell us where this will all end. For more information, visit

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Stop Looking For Manhattan Offices For Rent And Change Your Way of Working


There is by all accounts something extraordinary about collaborating spaces. As specialists who have, for a considerable length of time, concentrated how workers flourish. This is no less than a point higher than the normal for representatives who carry out their employments in consistent workplaces. It is something so inconceivable that we needed to take a gander at the information once more.


To start with, cooperating spaces comprise of individuals who work for a scope of various organizations and activities. Since there is minimal direct rivalry or inward legislative issues, they don’t feel they need to put on a work persona to fit in. Working in the midst of individuals doing various types of work can likewise make one’s own particular work character more grounded. Our respondents were given the chance to depict what they do, which can make what they do appear to be all the more intriguing and unmistakable.


Collaborating spaces are available every minute of every day. Individuals can choose whether to put in a difficult day when they have a due date or need to show advance, or can choose to take a long break amidst the day to go to the rec center. They can pick whether they need to work in a tranquil space so they can center, or in a more cooperative space with shared tables where connection is energized. They can even choose to telecommute, without repercussion, on the off chance that they have to meet a repair person or manage a relative need.


Organizations are additionally attempting to empower more associations. As well as, peopling to collaborate and construct group past work gatherings. Collaborating spaces are one spot to search for direction. They offer systems administration occasions, preparing programs, get-togethers, and summer camp.


There is an outstanding place called Workville NYC. Workville’s Manhattan offices for rent currently reside in Midtown New York, New York. Workville’s people group consists of skilled new companies. It is an amazing little organizations makes a society of accomplishment.


Our motivating surroundings makes an agreeable and adaptable space. We include move-in prepared workplaces, shared workplaces, and open work areas. Individuals additionally spread out to work. They can take gatherings, or calls from the bistro, lounge range. You also have the chance to explore our patios. If you need to get your work done, come here. They offer top of the line surroundings with affordable prices to help you succeed.


Located off 1412 Broadway, there is an outstanding place called Workville. Workville located in Midtown New York, New York. Workville’s people group of skilled new companies and amazing little organizations makes a society of accomplishment.