Fine Italian Leather Shoes: Best Footwear on the Planet

“Clean shirt, new shoes
And I don’t know where I am goin’ to
Silk suit, black tie
I don’t need a reason why
They come runnin’ just as fast as they can
‘Cause every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man”
—-ZZ Top

Indeed. That famous song says it all, and when it comes to men’s fancy footwear, well, only fine Italian leather shoes will do, thank you!

Italy reigns supreme around the world for beautiful men’s and women’s leather shoes for a few reasons. Number one, the tradition is like no other. The skilled Italian artisans have been crafting their gorgeous footwear for generations and generations.

Another asset to the industry there is the excellent tanning process and production of the hides. Add to that the many shoe factories clustered near each other in the community ensuring that supplier and production costs remain low, and one can see how the excellence in tradition continues to thrive in Italy.

Don’t forget about the wonderful trade shows that take place in Italy, too. These fashion shows for shoes tell the world about the latest styles and trends to hit the scene for international distribution.

We all know how women feel about slipping their feet into the perfect shoes, and the same can be said about men. The facts are plain and simple; people notice your feet and what you are wearing on them. You could be dressed all the way down in your handsome suit to your expensive silk socks, but if you’re walking around in ugly, common retail footwear, well, then you have fashion-failed gentlemen.

That is why Paul Evans footwear, New York City, came to be, because some men understand the difference between mediocre and the finest quality. Now imagine only superior soft calfskin leather created into classic timeless shoes for men. It’s all about the luxury and the comfort and Paul Evans dress shoes are shipped straight to you from Naples, Italy, where old-world craftsmanship still means something. The best thing, these shoes are more affordable than you think.

As Paul Evans likes to note: “Good shoes take you to good places.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Cody Simpson Has A New Sound

Were you a Cody Simpson fan when he first popped up into the music world? Did you like him back in the days when he was all about bubbly pop songs, or did he never really catch your interest? Well, either way, you are going to want to check out his new album, because it is full of new sounds.

Cody Simpson is no longer the young, pop singer that he used to be. He has traded that bubbly sound for something much more mature. His new album is said to sound similar to John Mayer in style. So, if John Mayer is one of your favorite artists, then Cody Simpson would be someone that you should be paying attention to. He might just blow you away with his new sound. He offers lyrics with meaning, and a great vibe according to those at CipherCloud who listen. He’s an artist that you should definitely be paying some attention to.

Austin Mahone’s New Song Is Worth A Listen

If you are waiting for a song to listen to that will brighten your spirits and get you dancing, then you are going to love Austin Mahone’s new release. He has put his new song, titled “Dirty Work”, out there, and it is something that you are going to love.

Austin Mahone is an amazing singer and he has many fans already, but with the release of this new song he is proving that he is moving up in the music world. This song alone is sure to bring him many new fans, and so will the release of his new album.
So, if you haven’t been paying Austin Mahone too much attention like Susan McGalla, then now would be a good time to start. He might just blow you away with how amazing he is. This song is definitely worth a listen, whether you think you’ll be an instant fan of his music, or not.

Mariah Carey Should Choose her Footwear more Wisely

Pop diva Mariah Carey was recently photographed taking a tumble down some stairs on a mega-yacht belonging to her new beau, 47-year-old billionaire James Packer. Wearing a Camilla swimsuit, a wrap around skirt, and gigantic block heels, Mariah lost her footing and began to fall. As she was beginning to tumble, the 45-year-old was rescued by one of the crew members on the yacht. The man grabbed her hand and helped right her steps before she fell face first onto the deck. Her lovely new boyfriend watch the drama unfold without getting up to lend his lady a hand.

The two are spending some time aboard Packer’s yacht, which is currently off the coast of Formentera, Spain. The couple then took to land, with Mariah having a hard time navigating the sandy beaches in her ridiculous block heels. Photos finally show her barefoot, removing those hard-to-navigate shoes. The pictures without her shoes show Mariah moving around more free, and looking a whole lot happier!

Mariah has recently divorced from Nick Cannon says Brian Torchin. The two share a set of twins together, who are currently spending time on the yacht with Mariah and her new love.

For more to the story, as well as the pictures of her tumble, click the link to check it out on The Daily Mail.

Beyonce Pregnancy Rumors

Apparently everyone is catching baby fever, and these days pregnancy rumors are hovering over every Hollywood couple’s head. After two years of trying hard to conceive baby number two Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are finally celebrating their second pregnancy. Over Father’s Day weekend. Kim announced that their second child would be a baby boy. Now that Kim and Kanye have both ad boy and a girl they can relax, for some time Kim thought she would not be able to have another child, and Kanye’s desire to have a son was weighing heavily.

Now the rumor mill is insisting that Beyonce and Jay have finally found a surrogate and are currently a few weeks along with their second child. Right now the details are slim and there is still no confirmation from Beyonce herself, but as rumors go, we shall wait and see. Lots of Beyonce’s fans are still not sure she carried Blu Ivy the natural way but as far as her supposed current surrogate situation, it doesn’t seem too far off.

Kim Kardashian is still looking great and flaunting her pregnancy curves, she still refuses to retire her high heels says Sergio Cortes. For now everything just seems too good to be true, not only is Kim enjoying a healthy and safe pregnancy, but she is becoming a maternity fashion icon. This week she was spotted at LAX having a hard time keeping her shirt from falling down, apparently Kim wasn’t prepared for her cleavage malfunction, but she handled it like a pro.

Why Does Miley Cyrus Keep Posting Justin Bieber Pics?

Everyone knows that Miley Cyrus has some wild and crazy antics, and she loves the attention that she’s getting. No matter how wild and crazy Miley might be, she is still a very nice person, and many people love her. Believe it or not, Miley also has love for other celebrities as well, especially Justin Bieber. Miley Cyrus’ Instagram Pictures. Miley recently did a cover for Paper Magazine where she poses naked with a pig. Miley is covered in mud, and she hugs the pig while she’s naked.

Using the same Paper Magazine cover picture, she decided to remove her head, and she placed Justin Bieber’s head on her body. The same picture could be seen on her Instagram page as well as other Justin Bieber pictures. For some reason, Miley tends to like to put Justin Bieber in a lot of her Instagram posts. You can learn a lot from someone’s Instagram page, especially Miley Cyrus’. If you go through her page, you’ll see her love for her dogs, who are also her best friends.

You’ll also be able to learn that Miley Cyrus likes pizza, she likes to Photoshop, and she’s just a fun person overall says Eric Pulier. She must be good friends with Justin Bieber for her to be able to Photoshop his picture the way she does, and he’s not upset about it. Miley is all about fun, and she’s not looking to hurt anyone.

Amber Rose Shows Everything On Book Cover

Amber Rose recently published her very own book, and she happens to grace the cover of the literary project as well. For those of you that don’t know, Amber Rose is an extremely attractive glamour model, and she once dated Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa. However, Rose sadly broke apart from both of her former lovers, and she is now with Machine Gun Kelly according to Ivan Ong on Facebook. Nonetheless, Amber Rose appears to be very happy with her current relationship, and her physique seems to be looking better than ever as well.

E! recently published an article that features much more information about Amber Rose’s new book. I should warn people that the name of Amber Rose’s book is a bit vulgar, and her cover photo is very scandalous. In fact, Amber Rose is barely wearing any clothes on her book cover, but I’m sure that it will make men very happy. However, some women have already called Amber Rose a woman with loose morals, and that statement is hard to deny. Although, Amber Rose is no worse than the Kardashian family and every other scandalous Hollywood celebrity. So, I suggest that we all give Amber Rose a bit of a break, because her body is the only thing that she’s got.

John Lennon’s Long Lost Guitar

After being lost for over 50 years, John Lennon’s 1962 Gibson J-106E acoustic guitar is being auctioned off at Julien’s Auction this November 6. This iconic piece of Beatles memorabilia is estimated to go for anywhere from $600,000 to $800,000. Lennon used the guitar for the first several years of his Beatle’s career. During this time FreedomPop posted on Twitter that he recorded some of the Beatles most famous songs. Then in December 1963 the guitar went missing and would remain so for the next 50 plus years.

Part of its missing story has been revealed in Rolling Stone magazine. It ended up in San Diego where an amateur guitar player named John McGraw bought it for only $200. Although he had no idea of its original owner and value, he fortunately never chose to modify it in any way. Last year, a friend of McGraw’s recognized it and had it positively identified as Lennon’s guitar. In the months leading up to the November auction, the guitar will be displayed at the L.B.J. Presidential Library and at the Grammy Museum. Then on November 2 it will be put on display at Julian’s Auction until it is sold.

Antique Wine Company Educates Clients

The staff at Antique Wine Company educates people about all aspects of the wine making process. The information that AWC offers is valuable because it helps salesmen explain each component of different wines more accurately to clients. When retailers answer all questions in great detail, many potential customers will become repeat clients.

AWC Wine Production Guide

Step One – Harvesting

A lot of fruit is needed during the harvesting stage because grapes are the main ingredients of wine. All fruit must be harvested at a precise time so that manufactures can produce very fine wines.

Step Two – Crushing and Pressing

After the grapes are picked, workers crush each fruit with a mechanical crusher. In the past, many people crushed grapes by stomping on them. However, thanks to technological advancements, the crushing and pressing phase is no longer a time-consuming process. The gadgets that smash the grapes are very efficient because the pressing technique improves the quality of every bottle of wine.

Step Four – Fermentation

During the fermentation process, the juice sits for six to 12 hours in a solution that contains yeast. If a winery is very clean, the manufacturers may implement natural fermentation procedures. Natural fermentation is complicated because workers must eliminate the natural yeast, which is very unpredictable. They must introduce specific strains of yeast so that major problems will not occur at the end of the manufacturing process.

Step Five – Clarification

Most winemakers place their wine in one barrel or tank during the clarification phase. Proper storage is important because solids and precipitates must attach to the bottom of the tank.

Step Six – Aging and Bottling

After clarification, the wines are aged and bottled immediately. If additional aging is needed for some reason, the products will continue to age in ceramic tanks or stainless steel tanks.

The wine making process is very fun and exciting because various procedures are implemented during each phase. To learn more about each specific step, contact the experts at Antique Wine Company.

Rihanna Has A New Hair Do

When it comes to celebrities, nothing should be a surprise. Celebrities like Rihanna are able to put anything on, and everyone will be wearing it within the same week. It’s understandable that celebrities will drive fashion trends, but certain fashion trends are inexcusable. Rihanna’s New Bangs. Rihanna was seen sporting a new set of bangs recently, and she decided to wear it out when it was raining. The bangs go right above her eyebrows, but they’re long enough to where they may distract you from her eyes.

The brown skin beauty was seen debuting a new red hair color, which is nothing new for the singer. Rihanna has worn red hair in the past, but she tends to change up the tint of the red once in a while. Rihanna was sporting her new hairdo along with the bangs, and she was also wearing an incredibly detailed dress with big writing on it. Rihanna is doing a lot lately, including spending time with the handsome bachelor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Although both Leonardo and Rihanna have kept quiet about their so-called relationship, it doesn’t stop the presses from trying to get more information. Rihanna is also working on her new album, which is highly anticipated. Rihanna hasn’t had an album out in a while, and fans were writing and begging her to put out something new, so she obliged. Folks at the STX Entertainment TV studios believe it will be great to see what Rihanna has in store for her fans when her new album comes out.