Nobilis/Northstar Reaching Expansion Goals

Near the end of 2014, Northstar had a major change in their business plan. They started with a name changed to Nobilis Health followed by their expansion plan of increased facilities, healthcare, and patient care. To do this, they needed to change their name to keep new funds separate from product names attached to Northstar. Therefore, under the name Nobilis Healthcare, they continue the excellent care they already provide but have begun their expansion of services. For their growth plans, they needed to acquire additional funding of $25 million, and the financing was offered through GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services. Nobilis now has surgical centers in Dallas and Houston, TX, Scottsdale, Arizona and Kirby Urgent Care and Imaging Center in Houston, TX. In this network of care centers, they have highly skilled surgeons, board certified in Spine Surgery, Pain Management, Podiatry, Gastrointestinal Scopes, General Surgery, Podiatry, Orthopedic and many other areas of surgery requiring specialists. Part of the healthcare expansion includes health and well-being of every patient, ensuring they understand their overall health, and what is needed to obtain and maintain good health. Nobilis has a staff that works with each patient bringing awareness, information, and training to ensure the patients receive the care and information needed. The use of advertising on TV, magazines, radio and news will increase awareness of specific diseases and conditions. Also, through the use of social media, the web, and the internet, including Google mobile software applications they plan to enhance their connection with the public offering them awareness, education, and choices available to help individuals make informed decisions about their health care. Nobilis has a goal to educate their patients to improve their personal health condition and the best path to better enhance their health will build communication and increase the well-being of patients. Through communication and improved patient connection, Nobilis hopes to establish a stronger relationship with improved health care and health management. It apparently is working as the revenues have increased over the past year since their expansion campaign has begun. A few months have passed since Nobilis acquired Victory Healthcare Plano Hospital, Plano Surgical Hospital in Texas. This facility is small but is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for the best care possible for its patients. This is just the beginning of their plans for expansion and improved health care facilities.

CCMP Capital Is One Of The Great Investing Companies

CCMP Capital is currently by far one of the largest and most commonly sought after private equity firms that is involved in investing. The headquarters of this company on is in the Big Apple, New York City. CCMP Capital got its name back in 2006, but the parent company that CCMP Capital came from was originally founded in 1984. The late Mr. Stephen Murray was formerly the chief executive officer of CCMP Capital for the entire time the company was around, and had to step down in February of earlier this year because of health reasons.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is approximately the seventeenth largest private equity firm in the world, but only has fifty people on its payroll. The employees that work for CCMP Capital are very qualified and often have extensive experience working for other investing related companies, which always helps these employees as a group be more valuable than the average of the employees at most other competing firms.

Mr. Stephen Murray got his start in the business world after graduating from Boston College with a bachelor’s degree in the field of economics. Five years later, in 1989, Mr. Murray worked his way towards earning an MBA from Columbia University, which he earned while he was working for Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, which is the parent company of CCMP Capital.

Mr. Stephen Murray was known to be very active as a philanthropist. One of his favorite charitable organizations to donate to is the Make-A-Wish Foundation that belongs to the city of New York. He has also given back to his alma mater by giving money directly to Boston College. Mr. Murray will be missed by everyone that he was involved with in the workplace and through personal relationships of close friends and family.

CCMP Capital is so successful because of all the great companies that are invested in, such as Renovo, Hanley Wood, and Aramark. CCMP Capital is also very reputable, which has resulted in many people investing in this amazing company. Mr. Greg Brenneman is currently the chief executive officer of CCMP Capital, as he was second in line for the job because he has been the chairman of the company since 2008. It is estimated by many experts that CCMP Capital is currently worth more than twelve billion dollars worth of investments that they control, but this number is constantly changing because of all the new clients and investments they receive every single day.

Beneful Is A Brand To Trust

Dogs are a wonderful addition to anyone’s home. They provide love, fun, smiles, companionship, and so much more. Dogs are also a lot of work. It doesn’t matter if a dog is elderly or a puppy, they still require the utmost care. Dogs can’t make decisions for themselves. They can’t tell an owner when they feel sluggish or hungry or sick. A owner needs to be in-tune with their dogs cues in order to tell what they are trying to communicate. A dog owner can do a few things to ensure that their dog will always be taken care of. One of them is by providing the best nutrition possible through what they eat. The brand of food that a dog owner chooses is very important because it’s one major factor in a dog’s health. A dog’s food is what gives them the energy to carry on and the energy to run and play. There are a lot of different dog food brands out there that claim different things. Some claim that they will improve a dogs health. Others say they will give a dog more energy. Be careful, they don’t always do what they say. That’s not the case with Beneful. Beneful is a nutritious product that millions of dogs have seen the benefits of every day! It’s a high quality product that has wholesome and real ingredients. The products offer just what a dog needs to stay happy and healthy. They provide energy, health, stronger bones, a shinier coat, healthier teeth, and so many more.

They offer these benefits because the product is formulated by professional veterinarians and nutritionists that specialize in pets. The people who create Beneful trust it so much that they feed it to their own pets. The Beneful products meet quality standards. To ensure this, their are on-site quality assurance staff and labs at each of the sites that Beneful is produced at. Aside from the high quality, Beneful also specializes in offering a large variety of products. Not only does Beneful offer dry food but they also have wet varities and treats that are good for a dog as well. The food is all different textures in order to delight a dogs pallet. There is no shortage of flavors, either. It doesn’t matter if a dog likes chicken, beef, lamb, or any other kinds, a dog is surely to find what they like. The pickiest eaters will love Beneful. Overall, Beneful is great because it’s made by pet nutritionists that care. The formula that goes into Beneful ensures a dog its health no matter their age or overall health. Pet owners can breathe a sigh of relief when they feed their dogs because rest assured, a dog is getting complete nutrition with Beneful. An owner doesn’t need to look elsewhere to supplement or worry about their dogs well-being. Beneful takes care of it all. It’s not a coincidence that Beneful sounds like the word Beneficial. That’s exactly what Beneful is.

Doe Deere – A Person Behind the Makeup

What does makeup actually do? Do we wear it to feel more beautiful, conceal our imperfections, express ourselves, and show the world who and what we really are? Can makeup become a new form of art?
Doe Deere seems to think so and has made her life’s calling to make makeup a form of self-expression. Bold, vibrant and persistent, just like her makeup, she is now becoming a big name in the fashion industry.
Born in Russia and grew up in New York City, she started exploring her artistic side from an early age. In 2003, she launched a project, Thunderwear, for selling homemade dresses. Around this time, she also started LiveJournal community called “LittleBigGirls” meant to gather DIY web designers to advertise their auctions. A year later, she changes the name from Thunderwear to Lime Crime and launches her own website.
Interwoven with her other activities is also her musical career. She started a band called SkySalt in 2002 and two years later, they released their first CD called “I Believe in Fairytales”.
In 2008, she discovered her true calling – makeup. Realizing that bright and vibrant makeup is hard to come across, she decides to launch her own makeup line, with colors that most people found unusual. An inspiration for this came from the dresses she made, which were brightly colored, and in some way, they were an expression of the self.
Needless to say, her line of cosmetics caused quite a stir when it showed up. The experts didn’t believe makeup could be sold on-line. They insisted that everyone like to try on a lipstick before buying it, but a novelty on her website prevailed. The novelty was “on-lip”, a demonstration of colors on lips showing how a certain color would look on lips instead of just a drop or a smear which other websites used. The second concern was about the colors themselves.
But, as it turned out, there was no reason to worry since her line was a great success. It was something new, something bold and daring, something exciting. And Doe was, definitely, not the only one who wished and dared to wear a bright blue lipstick.
It started out small, with Doe making her own cosmetics. Now, she also does tutorials, outfits of the day videos and editorial pieces. She also shared some of her secrets on how to make makeup.
Doe Deere is also known for raising charity donations. The most famous is her support of animal rights. She wrote about teaching children not to be cruel to animals as well as about her opposition to clubbing of seals. Her activism against animal cruelty is supported by the fact that all of her products are made without harming animals and use only vegetarian materials.
She is also well-known for her support of homosexual rights, even promoting her single “SF Disco” and saying that the song was the least she could do and thanked them for bringing color into this world and staying true to themselves.

Sergio Cortes is the Astounding Impersonator

The Best Michael Jackson Impersonator
If you are a fan of the late Michael Jackson, you will just be amazed at the way Sergio Cortes has proven himself to be the ultimate and the best impersonator of Michael Jackson. The impersonations are truly astounding in every way. He can go on stage and absolutely dazzle any audience. He does have the Michael moves along with the appeal to go along with his amazing performance. His appearance is so close to the late Michael Jackson that is almost mesmerizes those who are watching him. It has been claimed by many that Sergio Cortes is the very best Michael Jackson impersonator.

A Fascination Turned into a Career
Sergio Cortes has an amazing career as a Michael Jackson impersonator. He had a strong fascination with Michael or perhaps it was an obsession with the late performer. He loved the pop singer and turned this love and fascination into a hobby and now it is an amazing career. Mr. Cortes performs around the globe as a highly talented Michael Jackson impersonator. Michael Jackson was a hero to Sergio. He used to watch Michael and his moves when he was a child. He loved the performer so much that he began to imitate Michael and ape his talent. He began to copy the moves and the style of the late pop star. He did this for his own amusement. He used to watch the videos and the performances. He did his own Michael Jackson performances for many years. He does have an uncanny resemblance to Michael Jackson. It was by accident that he was noticed by a local news photographer. A picture was taken and then published in a newspaper. It was after that publication that Sergio became a highly popular individual. He was almost an overnight success. He was asked by a management company if he would like to do a stage show. This show included the imitation of Michael Jackson. It was at that time when his fascination launched his career as a Michael Jackson impersonator. It is a fact that his fascination turned into a great career.

Free Feeding Versus Portions And Other Advice

With the last century seeing the rise in manufactured dog food, there are many issues that have come up with what to feed your dog and when. It used to be that dogs scavenged and were fed scraps from the table, or in wealthier homes they were given a more gourmet meal. Once dog food manufacturing came to be, the ease of feeding and the convenience of a long lasting feed that was not messy became apparent.

One of the common questions is whether one should leave a full bowl of food down for continuous feeding on demand, known as free feeding, or if it is best to feed a set portion of food at regular times daily. There are benefits to both styles, but most veterinarians will recommend a portion of food to be fed on a schedule over free feeding. One of the reasons for this is that with free feeding, much like humans, dogs tend to eat when bored or stressed and pack on the pounds. Also, it is hard to gauge just how much your dog consumes one day versus the next so you are unlikely to notice changes in appetite that may clue you in to illness or other distress in your dog.

Another common question is whether dogs should consume vegetable and plant based food. In the wild, a dog hunts. This means they are carnivores traditionally, but they also get much needed fiber and dietary needs from within the stomach contents of their prey as well as munching on grasses. Dog food companies such as Beneful realize this and have incorporated fruit and vegetable matter into their formulas for dietary fiber and to provide a natural means of vitamins and minerals.

Treats have their questions as well. Many pet parents are not sure if they should be given, or how many and what type. Since your dog should be on a staple diet of kibble such as Beneful Playful Life, adding an occasional treat should not harm their diet, but never use treats in place of a staple diet. Treats are meant to supplement a diet, an occasional indulgence for your pup. Many treats, such as raw hides, cow ears, and bones, are safe to give fairly frequently because they are so low in calories and are good dietary fiber, aiding in digestion and keeping their system on track. For training purposes you can use a handful of their dog food for treats, giving a piece in place of a biscuit. If you do choose to use biscuits, try and keep them limited to the serving size and pick a brand like Purina Beneful that is not full of fat and extra calories.

Dog food companies have worked hard to bring us a simple, clean and healthy way to ensure our best friends live long, healthy lives by our sides.

Research at Purina Farms

Many people wonder how Purina knows that they are producing the best dog food possible. While the research starts in the lab, it continues to the Purina Farm that is open to visitors on a daily basis. In fact, a visit to Purina Farms, near Summit, Missouri, is a great way to learn more about the nutritional needs of many animals.

Indoor Facility
Dog owners from around the world travel to the 84,000-square-foot state-of-the-art exhibition area to exhibit their animals. As the shows go on, like the American National Specialty Shows for many breeds, researchers visit with these owners to find out what they look for most in the food that they feed. Then, they head back to their labs to produce the best quality foods possible, including Beneful.

Visitors Area
A favorite part of a trip to Purina Farms is a stop at the Visitors Area where they can watch the Pro Plan Performance Team dogs perform. Each of these very special dogs were rescued from a shelter or rescue group somewhere in the nation. Each gets the opportunity to enjoy a great life at Purina Farms, and works with their own special trainer. The researchers love to interact with these special animals and are always looking to produce a better quality pet food for them. The researchers and the trainers then work together to produce short videos where dog owners can learn how to apply this information to their own scenarios.

Incredible Dog Arena
The incredible dog arena may be a dog’s most favorite place on earth because there are so many different things that they can do there, including playing in a heated pool and jumping over obstacles as the throngs or adoring fans cheer them on. As with the Pro Plan Performance Team, many of these dogs have been rescued.

Barn and Play Area
The dogs cannot have all the fun at Purina Farms. At the Barn and Play Area, visitors find a variety of other animals including pigs, sheep, horses, cows, rabbits and other popular farm animals. In this area, visitors can watch the amazing herding breeds round up livestock on a regular basis.

Many animals enjoy life at Purina Farms and there is one thing they all have in common. Researchers carefully study their nutritional needs to provide the best possible dog food. That is why when dog owners take home Benefulthat they can trust that the researchers have done their homework on real animals for the dedicated team makes sure that each pet receives the best food to meet its needs.

Beneful: The Healthy Choice

Dogs are more than pets; they are family. When it comes to family, it is important to feed them quality and nutritious food. Even then, we expect food to taste good. Owners want to know the food they are feeding their dogs is safe. Owners have a right to know their dog food is valuable, nutritious and safe.

Check the Labels
Know what is in your dog’s food. Owners should check the food labels. There are several indicators on the label of quality ingredients. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) provides the nutritional requirements for dogs’ intake. It is important to understand that these are minimal standards.

What About Organic?
Be cautious when buying a branding solely on the claim that it is organic. Other statements to watch out for are: holistic and natural. These are all terms that have not been specified; therefore, the manufacturer is in full control of interpreting its meaning. Know why dog food is labeled as organic, holistic or natural before making a purchase.

It’s for the Dog
Always remember purchasing food is for the dog. Retrain your mind to look for qualities that are good for dogs and not humans. There are brands that will use words like low fat or whole grain to describe dog food. While in the human world, these are eye catching because of the benefit it isn’t necessarily so for dogs.
Here are a few of nutritional facts that benefit pets:
• No grains
• A lot of moisture
• No starch to compensate meat presence
• A lot of quality protein
• Presence of animal fat
• Large levels of EPA/DHA

How to Evaluate Dry Food?
When purchasing dog food it can be helpful to look for the following:
• A long list of ingredients is not good. Food is simple; the longer the list, the more likely items are being placed to take up space.
• Dogs are meat eaters; therefore, meat should be at the top of the list.
• Carbohydrates are not required for dogs. If they are on the list, they are only acting as fillers.
• Meat ingredients should be one word. For example, beef is better than beef by-products.
• Avoid brands that use ingredients labeled animal, meat or poultry. It needs to say what kind of animal it is (turkey).
• If grains are included, look for organic grains.
• The third and fourth ingredient should be a vegetable.

What to Avoid?
Dog food with corn or soy should not be purchased. These products are known to be allergens and cause problems with the pet’s endocrine system. Pet food with artificial flavors and colors should be avoided. Beneful dog food is made with healthy ingredients.

Purina Beneful is good because:
• It contains various selections of protein. This includes chicken, lamb, beef or pork.
• It includes real ingredients. Purchasers can see exactly what their dog is eating.
• Extras added in the dog food include: barley, carrots and green beans
• It includes a large line of products to include dog snacks and baked delights.

Michael Jackson Impersonator – Who Is Most Successful?

One of the most famous pop legends is Michael Jackson, and there is nobody in the world who is more copied and imitated than this legend right here. The reason he stands out so well is his ability to create amazing dance moves and music, and his songs are forever going to be remembered for their loving and inspirational messages. Most people will listen to MJ and listen to him for hours because of his amazing music. It’s his way of performing and adding emotion where people feel that strong connection with Michael.

The thing most people became sad about when this guy passed away is that the only thing everybody would have of him would be his music and the previous music videos he has made in the past. After his passing, acrobat shows and touring performances were created in his memory. The truth is that these shows help bring to life the most iconic performer, and it’s the only way for people to bring their most favorite person to life.

Michael Jackson Impersonator – Who Is Most Successful?

One thing that has truly changed the way we see things is the fact that Michael Jackson impersonators are so amazing at what they do. They come and bring this amazing legend to life even for just a brief moment. Sergio Cortes is definitely one of the most successful simply because of how he brings himself the moment he steps onto that stage. Literally becomes Michael Jackson, and he takes on the role with such pride and confidence, and this is what he enabled him to become a truly successful performer on stage.

Most people will look at this guy and wonder if he truly is that great of a performer. The truth is that he almost delivers the same kind of impact, care, and love that MJ always had when he stepped foot on that stage. When Sergio adds in the special effects,the music, and his almost uncanny singing voice, it’s so beautiful and breathtaking getting to see it all come together in a beautiful performance.

Michael Jackson is one of the rare performers with such a unique gift that almost nobody could deliver as well as he did. It’s ultimately very true that Michael Jackson still is one of the best singers of all time, but Sergio comes very close with how he sings and how he performs on stage.

How Intellectual Property Law Works for You

Not many people know the basics of Intellectual Property Law, and so they may give up on understanding that their creations, designs and art have rights just as much as anything else. If you have been dealing with something creatively that is being stolen from you or infringed upon, it might be time to consider talking to a lawyer who is a professional on Intellectual Property Law. This is one of the main benefits of speaking with a lawyer and making sure that they are going to be there to assist you in any way that they possibly can.

One of the main differences between Intellectual Property Law and property law itself is the fact that you are dealing with items that you might have designed or created on your own. For most people, knowing that you have help with this type of thing will put their mind at ease and let them know that they will receive assistance and compensation if this is something that they need for themselves. Once you realize that there are many ways to utilize Intellectual Property Law, it will be easy for you to begin getting help and speaking with a professional lawyer.

Working with a lawyer who is experienced in Intellectual Property Law is also quite helpful and can be just what you need to make things right. One of the most important things when speaking with a lawyer is to make your case very apparent and to let the person know exactly what it is that you need and want. This is something that you need to speak with a lawyer about just because of the fact that it is easier to work with a legal representative than it is to try to do all of the work on your own.

For the vast majority of people living and working in south Africa, they may know about the Phatsima Diamond law group and the director of it known as Frans Schoeman. Frans Schoeman has been helping many people time and time again when it comes to their legal assistance. By working with Frans Schoeman on intellectual law, you will be able to go to court for something that is very near and dear to your heart and get that compensation that enables you to move on with your life. This is why many people turn to Frans Schoeman for this particular type of legal help.

When you are dealing with problems concerning creations or designs that you have made, it is an absolute necessity for you to begin considering to work with a lawyer and legal aid like Frans Schoeman on crunchbase to get that assistance. Once you make the decision that you are not going to deal with infringement and other copyright problems, it is time to take the other person to court and get help for what you have been dealing with this whole time. This is why a lot of people work with lawyers and get the best outcome from having legal aid.