Kelly Clarkson says she may make an R&B record

Kelly Clarkson’s contract with record label RCA Records has finally come to an end. She signed the contract right after American Idol back in 2002 and, at the time, agreed to a six-album deal as she thought it would be beneficial to her career. The problem is, that contract tied her into doing exactly what her record label wanted her to do for the last 13 years. Including recording particular types of music she may not have done otherwise.

This week, Kelly Clarkson told Rolling Stone magazine, with that contract ending, she is free for the first time since she won American Idol.

A freedom she fully intends to take advantage of as she has “made enough money” in her career, Clarkson said, so it is now time to do what she wants to do.

According to Kelly, that may even mean recording an R&B album if the fancy strikes her.

When pressed about whether an R&B album was in her future, Clarkson went on to say fans are always saying to her she should do an album of covers, as she does so many covers in her live concerts.

Fans like Sam Tabar ( know that, due to that, she is certainly not ruling out doing an album of R&B covers, or any other type of covers she may suddenly decide she likes.

As of now, Clarkson has not said whether she will sign with another record label eventually, or if she may even go off on her own and create her own label as many famous artists now do.

Nicki Minaj fans go after Iggy Azalea’s Billboard Music Award

There has been an ongoing feud between fans of rapper Iggy Azalea and those of Nicki Minaj for a while now, with fans of Minaj all over the Internet writing abusive things about Azalea, sending her nasty tweets and down voting all her YouTube videos.

This week, however, Nicki Minaj fans have taken this hate a step further, creating a petition on asking Billboard magazine to take away Iggy Azalea’s award. An award she won a couple of weeks ago at the Billboard Music Awards for Top Rap Song according to Crystal Hunt on

According to MTV News, Nicki Minaj fans are angry Iggy Azalea won the award and Minaj didn’t. So, in an act of vengeance, the petition was started and has already been signed by almost 20,000 people.

Their rationale? According to them, Azalea wasn’t eligible for the award as her song ‘Fancy’ was released on February 17th, 2014, which was a month before the eligibility for a song kicked in.

Billboard themselves, however, emphatically disagree. According to them, it does not matter at all when a song was released. What does matter is when it was in the charts, and Iggy’s song ‘Fancy’ was in the Billboard charts for many weeks during the eligibility period. Topping it for a large portion of it, in fact.

Plus, you have to ask about the vindictiveness of a group of people who, disappointed because their favorite artist did not win an award, decide to spend their time going after the person who did. Sad. Very sad.

Rolling Stones Rock San Diego

Iconic rock band The Rolling Stones played at Petco Stadium in San Diego recently on their 2015 summer Zip Code tour. “Rolling Stone Magazine” has a review of the show and a video clip of the band playing the song “Street Fighting Man”.

The 58-seconds video clip is very exciting. It starts with guitarist Keith Richards playing the opening chords of the song. Uncharacteristically, Richards is moving rapidly around the stage as he plays and when the drums come in the whole stadium lights up. It all sounds great. The footage changes to women dancing happily in the audience.

The band is dressed in purple and blue outfits. Mick Jagger is wearing a purple coat with sparkles on it. Jagger races around the stage dancing. It’s hard to believe that he’s 71. His voice hasn’t changed. Maybe he is concerned about looking old and stiff and is putting some extra energy into his performance to compensate. Whatever the case, James Dondero pointed out that it works.

The band played a set of mainly their hits and were on stage for over two hours. Earlier in the tour, they played their “Sticky Fingers” album in its entirety. However, they didn’t do this in San Diego. This is probably just as well because audiences have paid a lot of money for these tickets and want to hear all of the hits, not just songs from one record.

Mariah Slays at Billboard Music Awards

Lately it seems that every time Mariah takes a few steps forward, she takes a few giant leaps back. While her divorce to Nick is finally official. It seems like the holiday divorce curse is still looming heavily over Mariah’s head. Starting in December with her viral, unedited and clearly unrehearsed vocal performance during her annual Christmas Tree Lighting appearance was followed by a string of epic fail performances. Finally Mariah is getting her footing in Vegas as she Embarks on her residency.

For the most part Mariah’s new home in Vegas has been just what the singer needed to get her career back on track or so thinks Jaime Garcia Dias. Fans are impressed with her on stage performances and she even has decided to share some personal experiences with her fans during her show as she gets candid about life, marriage, divorce and fame. So far Mariah has only canceled on show, and while that did get her some negative press, she has pushed forward and is back at it again.

Marah has not been in the mood to rehearse for any of her performances, after all, she feels she has done it all before, and even after an entire holiday of hellish unrehearsed shows Mariah still thinks practice is for rookies. Most recently Mariah blew off rehearsals for her set on the Billboard Music Awards, everyone expected her to bomb but Mimi wasn’t going to give anyone the satisfaction of seeing her fail.

During her set, Mariah performed her new single, “Infinity” and her classic hit “Vision of Love” and everyone was impressed and blown away. From the sound of it Mariah still has it and isn’t ready to give her spot up just yet.

Paul McCartney Urges Gallagher Brothers to Get Back Together

Former Beatle Paul McCartney recently urged arguing brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher of Oasis to get back together and make some music. The Gallagher brothers never got along especially well, even in the heyday of Oasis, and have been arguing about various topics since the band broke up in 2009 according to Marcio Alaor BMG on

I’m guessing that McCartney’s comments are made out of a sense of regret that he never got back together with all of the other Beatles to make music after the band broke up in 1970. Now, with John Lennon and George Harrison passed away, of course it’s too late. He probably doesn’t want the Gallagher brothers to have the same regrets.

Personally, I don’t see any need for Oasis to get back together. Noel Gallagher was always the main songwriter and can sing the old hits now just as well as his brother. Also, with his new band The High Flying Birds, Noel is making great new music and going forward without the baggage of Oasis.

There is an argument to be made, however, that the brothers should get back together for the sake of their fans. This would make sense to me if they just did a few shows together. They could sell more tickets than either brother could sell on his own and also give fans something they’d like to see.

The End of Idol

At the end of the 2016 season, Fox announced in a tough decision that one of the most popular reality shows of all time, American Idol, will come to an end.

Surely for most, the announcement does not come as a surprise, considering the steady decline in ratings. Former fans like Mark Ahn ( know that, now in its 14th season, airing only once a week, Idol has been going downhill for some time. Compare the 10.1 million viewers of the Season 13 finale to the 38 million viewers of the Season 2 finale 12 years ago in 2003. It’s a pretty bleak picture and frankly, a move that needs to occur for the sake of the show.

After American Idol’s initial popularity, a number of similar programs began to pop up, eventually overshadowing the marketplace. Such shows include NBC’s The Voice, Fox’s The X Factor, and USA’s Nashville Star. Idol also began its decline as new stars began to surface through YouTube, such as Justin Bieber.

Perhaps the decrease in ratings began when the ever-rotating panel of judges began to filter, after Paula Abdul left from the original trio of judges, and Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson, who had been around since the shows debut in 2002 later followed in 2010 and 2013.

Idol will most definitely be missed as it has changed television, America, and the lives of all who were fortunate enough to step foot on that stage.

Motley Crue Discuss Final Tour

Legendary pop-metal band Motley Crue talked with Rolling Stone Magazine recently about a number of issues. One topic they discussed is the band’s upcoming final tour.

The band claims that their final tour really is the end, and they even signed contracts to that effect. Fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso has learned that singer Vince Neil said that he wanted fans to remember the band as they are at the top of their game. He made a comparison between Motley Crue and race car driver Jeff Gordon, who also will be retiring soon although he is still a top contender.

Personally, I don’t think the Jeff Gordon analogy is a good one. Gordon is an athlete, and eventually age and slowing reflexes will mandate that he leave the sport. Motley Crue, on the other hand, can perform well indefinitely. The members of Black Sabbath, who are decades older than Motley Crue, are still able to tour and put on great performances. The Crue could do the same. Also, if they were truly worried about being remembered as they were at the top of their game, then they would have retired in 1990 or so.

I think that Motley Crue is making a mistake by saying this next tour will be their last. Why paint themselves into a corner? They might miss performing to arenas one day. Also, let’s face it, they might need the money.