The Un-known Accomplishments of Eric Pulier’s

Many people might know Eric Pulier as a father of four kids who lives in Los Angeles. Some people might have known as while he is serving The Painted Turtle board. However, below are some of the other fields that he has ventured into and been successful in them.


His entrepreneurial success

XPrize emerges as one of Eric Pulier’s greatest investments. It consisted of various prizes and competitions for people who wished to achieve their best in life. His key objective behind this was helping determined youths, and adults get rewarded for achieving their dreams.


It is not the only accomplishment linked to Pulier; he has also invested in other fields such as Akana. Under this brand, Pulier founded the program of SOA Software where he gained various other SOA vendors in the 2000s. Currently, this company belongs to Roque Wave Software after buying it from Pulier. Before Pulier sold the firm, he had made it a powerful SOA solutions suite.


Eric’s published works

Understanding Enterprise SOA was among his great and knowledgeable books. He uses the book for delivering an easy-to-understand and concise introduction of SOA. Most people value the books due to its easy readability, relevance as well as in-depth insight. Pulier has also gained much popularity while he was writing for Forbes.


Philanthropy work

The Painted Turtle has been one of his famous philanthropy works. The Painted Turtle acted as a camp for children suffering from chronic illnesses. Pulier is the cloud operations VP under the firm. He has willingly dedicated both money and time for ensuring that children needing special medical attention can still benefit from the pleasant experience of the summer camp.


His compassion for children in need of special medical attention can also be seen in his Starbright World work. He invested his low-tech skills and his money to build a safe and secure platform related to social media which, was designed for children having chronic illnesses. Eric Pulier has led to a positive change in the world including his earliest investments to supporting special needs patients. He has a great vision of developing computing technology, assisting young entrepreneurs in their dreams as well as supporting others.


Heavy Metal Drummer Cassio Audi Enjoys Success In Different Fields

The work of financial specialist Cassio Audi did not begin in a traditional forum for the investment specialist who has worked for many of the top investment companies in South America. The first career choice of Cassio Audi was a similar one to the dreams of many of the teenagers in the world who wish to begin their life as a musician; for Cassio Audi the formation of the band Viper was much more than just a group of friends playing some songs as the heavy metal band became one of the leading groups in the burgeoning Brazilian heavy metal scene.

Viper were a group of friends who were all teenagers when they formed their band and made their first raw recordings, which Cassio Audi appeared on as the drummer for a band that looked across the Atlantic to the U.K. for its major musical influences. Formed in 1985, Viper eventually went on to become a major force in the Brazilian music industry and found success quickly with their debut album “Soldiers of Sunrise”; Audi appeared on this album as drummer and remained a part of the band until 1989 when he decided to return to college and complete an education that would lead him to a career in the financial industry.

Despite “Soldiers of Sunrise” receiving four stars and being reissued on two separate occasions, Cassio Audi has largely left behind his early years as a heavy metal drummer and focused solely on his financial career. The success Audi has achieved has seen him make his way to a range of different companies, including JP Morgan Chase and Dow Chemical where the former drummer has consistently achieved levels of success making him a top investment specialist within the Brazilian financial industry.

Harvesting Heavily in the Food Industry

The food industry is a sensitive industry. This is because food should be fit for human consumption. A company should not take a risk unless it can provide products that are fit for consumption. OSI group is a company that produces food products to different consumers. The company endeavors to remain local despite the fact that it is a global company. It provides products that are fit for local consumption. This is a key driver in the profit making of the business. This is a fundamental principle for a global company because it enables the company’s sustainability in the industry. These companies develop when they are led by individuals who have expertise in the field.

David Mcdonalds is the current director of the OSI Group. Mcdonalds holds a degree in Animal Science from Lowa State University. David has managed to climb the corporate ladder by being a learner in all the things that he undertakes. David joined the group as a project manager. He has developed his capabilities to the position of a director. He worked in different managerial positions before joining the team. This enables him to understand how to be a team player. His academic qualification allows the company to produce quality and competitive products. The company has supplied some of the biggest brands with its products. This enables it to grow in the economy and learn more about David.

OSI Group is a key leader in the industry and an influence of different economies globally. It impacts the economy in Europe. It has many branches in the various countries. It is founded by the affluent population in the region because they demand polished products. OSI Group produces the sophisticated products. This enables the company to remain relevant. The company has worked with different brands such as Subway, McDonald’s, Burger King, and Yum. They are popular for their quality chicken products. OSI Group works with various companies to facilitate the expansion of the enterprise. The company recently partnered with McDonald to promote its growth. OSI Group invests in businesses that need expansion. This strategy gives them an opportunity for development of the enterprise and his other account

Arthur Becker and the Art of Innovation

Becoming a success in the world of investing as an entrepreneur can be a daunting task. You have to always be at the top of your game, ready to acknowledge the next big thing. More importantly, a successful entrepreneur has to be ready to work past their own mistakes. Arthur Becker is currently shaking up New York’s real estate scene with his developing boutique condo at 465 Washington Street. In an article on Curbed, this new development project has put Becker into the limelight in a big way, but his ability to overcome obstacles has been far more interesting and important in relation to his success.

According to NY Daily News, Arthur Becker has done a little bit of everything in his career. He made his first fortune buying into tech companies in the early ’00s but that was the culmination of decades of hard work. In fact, you could look at a long list of his own interesting and less than successful investments starting with the ‘Bnox’. The Bnox were a brand of binoculars that Becker thought had a great chance at succeeding on the market. They didn’t, customers didn’t like how the focus knob worked and thus the project failed. That is how simple and fickle the investment world can be.

Outside of his investments, Becker has made a name for himself with his own brand of artwork. Becker has created wonderful origami sculptures made out of actual currency. Apparently these sculptures have become something of a hit among Wall Street execs who want to blend their taste for money with something a little more artistic. Becker has also become fascinated with painting, collecting artwork, and even investing in foreign and ancient currencies. You could say that Becker has followed quite the interesting career path in order to get to where he is today.

Speaking of where Arthur Becker is today, his work at 465 Washington Street may be just the feather in his cap that Becker is looking for. The boutique condo is going to have eight different units and will sell for nearly $53 million when work is complete. This will be Becker’s biggest step into the public in his career.

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JeanMarie Guenot Combats Cancer Using Immunotherapies

JeanMarie Guenot has been in the fight against cancer and other related disease for more than 20 years, and she is yet to call it quit. She has all the qualifications and experience to be at the forefront of the battle. There are few individuals that can match her competence in this regard.

She was at the University to get all available recorded knowledge earning a PhD in the process from the prestigious University of California. Being an enterprising woman providing leadership to many she had to subject herself to further studies as she pursued an MBA, which Guenot eventually obtained from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Experience counts in a field like the pharmaceuticals and the biotechnologies. JeanMarie Guenot has lots of it. The early years of her career in these industries could be traced to Atlas Venture where she spent time managing the venture capital investments arm of the company. At Hoffman LaRoache, Guenot worked as a scientist in the Preclinical Research and Development department. . Amphivena Therapeutics, where she now works, develops immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer.

JeanMarie and Amphivena Therapeutics are all out to discover new and effective therapies that take advantage of the human immunity in combating cancer. This approach is known as immunotherapies. It has far less side effects when compare to other treatment options on LinkedIn. JeanMarie is already achieving fantastic results in this line. Recently, her company forwarded an investigational new drug application for AMV564 to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The body embraced AMV564 giving Amphivena Therapeutics the go-ahead after properly examining its contents and usefulness. AMV564 is an effective therapy that exploits the human immunity to get rid of cancer with CD33 elements.

JeanMarie Guenot believes in collaborations and mutual effort in the fight against cancer prompting her and Amphivena Therapeutics to enter multiple alliances. This is one way of raising sufficient human and material resources for the purpose of saving millions of lives at the mercies of this deadly disease.

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Giving Hope to Humanity- Thor Halvorssen

Human Rights Foundation, an organization, based in New York was launched in 2005 by its President and founder Thor Halvorssen. Thor is half Norwegian and half Venezuelan and was born and raised in Caracas. His background is of heads of State and adventurers. Oystein who was Thor’s paternal grandfather served as a King’s Counsel in Venezuela during the world war two. When the Germans invaded Oystien home, he abstracted all the Norway’s merchant convoy to the port in Venezuela. Thor’s mother originated from the first president of Venezuela, Cristobal Mendoza and the military leader who assisted the Latin America’s independence from Spain Simon “The Liberator” Bolivar. Working and helping in the humanitarian sector is something that runs in Thor’s family, and it is not a point of discussion when it comes to serves for humanity.

Thor’s family has suffered while fighting for human rights, his father was jailed and tortured after exposing the government’s corruption while working as a drug czar in Venezuela. On the other hand, his mother was shot in an anti-Hugo Chavez protest. Even his extended family has been in the frontline in fighting corruption as Leopoldo Lopez his first cousin and a known continuous challenger of the Chavista administration, is currently jailed in a Venezuelan prison. Thor is very committed as a social activist, and he says he loves people and humanity and he considers himself a “classic liberal.”Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan human right activist who was born on March 9, 1976. Thor is also a film producer, and his significant contribution is in the public interest advocacy, individual rights and civil liberties, public policy, as well as pro-democracy advocacy. Through his efforts to fight for humanity, Thor founded Oslo Freedom Forum a movement that is described as a human rights festivals. He is also the President of the Human Rights Foundation which is an organization that is committed to fighting for human freedom and their rights in general.

His love and passion for humanity have seen him hold leadership posts in organizations dealing with fighting for human freedom. Thor is the Czech-based Children’s Peace Movement, the foundation of Moving Pictures Institute and On Own Feet. In May 2010 he purchased the customarily Norwegian News Magazine NyTid. He is also a protector of students’ speech activity that saw him being honored by the University of Pennsylvania President Judith Rodin. At Present Thor is producing a film “the moon is a harsh mistress” by Bryan Singer which is an adoption of Robert Heinlein.

Career and Academic Milestones of the Seasoned Finance Expert, Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a leading financial specialist based in San Diego, California. In 2010 Brian walked away with the top prize as the Executive of the Year in Cambridge’s Who’s Who Annual awards event. Brian has a towering portfolio touching on many diverse sectors of the economy.

What else would you expect from an investor and business leader who possesses thirty years plus experience in the financial world? The crown jewels of Mr. Bonar’s vast empire are most certainly, Trucept Inc. and the Dalrada Financial Consortium.

Winning in a Down Market Starts with Dalrada

Thanks to the valuable but astonishingly affordable quality services offered at Dalrada, thousands, mostly more, of people have attained the highly elusive, financial security.

The perfectly timed counsel and advice provided by the professional risk analysts and seasoned speculators working at the hedge-fund investment firm has witnessed clients making double-digit gains in this particularly hard and turbulent economic era we are living in today.

Career and Academic Highlights

  • 1992 to Early 1994- the financial wizard well on course to completing his Master’s Program over at Stafford University in the United Kingdom.
  • April 1994- Bonar gets promoted to head up the Sales & Marketing Department at Dalrada
  • 1995-1997- Brian rose further up the ranks to become the Director of Dalrada
  • 1998- Present- the highly accomplished financial consultant got appointed as the company’s CEO and Board Chairman.

Other Companies

Asides, Daldar, Bonar, serves at the top management levels at various other mid-to-large scale companies like Amanda Co. Inc, Benzier Systems, Adaptech Inc, Rastek and the Greenland Corp.

According to Bloomberg, the fact that companies spread out all over the globe all seem to trust their growth in the able hands of the seasoned analyst, Brian Bonar, goes to demonstrate his genius and experience.

Above 30 Years’ Experience

Bonar studied for a Mechanical Engineering Degree Course at the James Watt Technical College in the heartlands of his native, Scotland.

According to the information shared on his recently updated page, his core specializations are in the following subjects: Marketing, raising capital, pitching potential angel investors, arranging mergers and overseeing acquisitions, compliance handling, tax and tax returns processing, due diligence, supply and distribution streamlining and general business consultation.

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All that advice provided by the Dalrada Group pros is going to do an impressive job in ensuring you as a client, get to start off your startup venture on the right note and footing and proceed without any legal and or otherwise impediments along the way to success.

That’s exactly what Brian Bonar has in store for you when you sign up for his services and products. Alternatively, you can still be able to keep in touch with the respected financial maestro by following him on his different social media accounts.

For instance, check out his Instagram account and you’ll love all the personal pictures he’s posted there with him and the family on vacations having a fantastic time.

The Successful Way to Redefine Anesthesiology

Anesthesiology is one of the medical industry’s greatest inventions. This service is highly valuable especially when dealing with injured or extremely ill patients, Without it, doctors would find it extremely hard to perform certain medical procedures. Capital Anesthesiology Association is the leader of the field and it has over 40 years of experience to back up all claims. Since it’s inception back in 1973, CAA has changed the landscape of anesthesia services. Today this organization has grown to be one of the biggest independent practices of medical personnel in the country. There are around 130 certified registered nurses here as well as up to 80 physicians.

Types of services? Capital Anesthesiology Association covers the full gambit by providing regional, general, cardiothoracic, obstetric, and pediatric anesthesiology. Some of the finest and highly educated clinical personnel walk the halls of a day to day basis. CAA guarantees all patients of having a comfortable more relaxing environment, which is great for the healing process. Level 1 Trauma Centers, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, and High Acuity Hospitals all benefit from this exclusive network. Even the administrative staff is on point, skilled, and experts at handling the billing process. Dealing with insurance carriers can be frustrating, but these highly trained individuals has the patient covered.

By covering so many bases, this style of service is redefining the industry. Service after service if offered by CAA and who knows what is in store in the years to come.


Bruce Levenson And The Process Of Selling Atlanta Hawks

Bruce Levenson is the former NBA team owner that is now dipped in the world of basketball since he co-founded the Atlanta Hawks LLC (Formerly named Atlanta Spirit LLC), the group that owns the team Atlanta Hawks and the Phillips Arena.

Bruce Levenson was planning to sell the team and arena, and many interested buyers rose from the world of investors to try and get their hands in the successful team.

The man hired two bankers to sell the Atlanta Hawks. The managers Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports were off by 27% when recruited by the founder of the Hawks. Not only is the whole team being sold, but also the Phillips Arena, where many important games have taken place in the history of Sports.

The average profit that Bruce is expected to get from selling the two ownerships? About $1 billion, according to Goldman Sachs. Investors and bankers mentioned that the value was unrealistic though and that they were overpricing the deal. There were rumors that it would be sold for not more than $900 million, but others were ever harsher, stating that $700 million was the average price that Bruce would be able to gather for the team and the arena.

The bidding phase for both continued for months, having a deadline of April 10, 2015, for any interested investor to make their final bid. Even though the group has signed agreements to not publically state the names of the finalists of the bidding period, some researchers started making their educated guesses on the likely people that would win the deal.

The first finalist that made for the best guesses were a group led by Grizzlies, owned by Steve Kaplan and joined by some billionaire names like Erick Thohir and Handy Poernomo. The other was the group Lionsgate Entertainment through the leadership of Mark Rachesky.

Some meetings took place for the owners of Hawks and the interested buyers to gather and discuss the sales process along with the two hired bankers. Although many news channels speculated on the possible finalists, the result surprised most of them when the public statement of Bruce Levenson went live.

The businessman was proud to announce that the Atlanta Hawks and the Phillips Arena were being sold to the Antony Ressler-Grant Hill group. According to, the selling process will end with the final bid of the group of $850 million, a lot smaller than the guessed value, but it’s still a larger amount than what some specialists were deducting would be the final selling price.

Capital Group CEO Dissects Problem With Warren Buffet’s Charity Wager

The multi billionaire and celebrated business magnate, Warren Buffett, in 2008, made a bet with the members of the sizable asset management and advisory firm, Protege Partners, that he could make more money on a single investment than all of their hedge fund sages combined – Protege gladly accepted with both respective parties agreeing that all proceeds would go to charity.

Buffet placed his bet on a standard passive index fund, the S & P 500, whilst Protege Partners took their own investment strategy for the game in a wide array of different directions. Now, eight years later, it looks as if Mr. Warren Buffett backed the right horse, as he has made considerably more than Protege, and if the trend continues there is little chance for them to catch up to the business moguls gains.

Despite the praise that has been heaped upon the charity venture in the press one lone man cautions prospective investors against employing a similar strategy – that man is none other than Timothy Armour, a notable investor and businessman in his own right and the current head of research, chairman and CEO of the prominent financial firm, Capital Group.

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Where Mr. Armour breaks with Buffett is upon the protection provided by passive index funds. He notes that while it is true that they can be a valuable way to craft a portfolio over-reliance upon them can lead to a wide variety of complications down the road. The main reason for this, according to Armour, is that passive index funds give those who utilize them ZERO protection from down markets. America is currently in a bull market and this is definitely a contributing factor to Mr. Buffett’s recent gains (alongside his considerable experience) but there is one sure thing in the world of investment – bull markets always turn.

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